Hoverboards for Kids :- Buying Guide

The Consumer Product Safety Commission in the United States recently released a statement, claiming that nearly all hoverboards on the market are unsafe for consumers.

This comes after the CPSC had already sent an updated list of safety standards to retailers and manufacturers. The new rules state that all hoverboards must meet the UL certifications, given by UL, which is an independent safety certification company.

So, the first and most important thing you must look at when buying a hoverboard for your child is for the UL certification. In this blog, we’ll give out some hoverboard buying tips for kids that you need to know.

If the hoverboard you purchased doesn’t have a UL certification, you can get a refund on it.

Provided you purchased it from Amazon. We are going to cover the unstoppable craze of hoverboard, which was the number one holiday purchase in the country this year! Call it whatever you want, a hoverboard, smart scooter, or a self-balancing scooter,

the one thing everyone agrees on is that, this is the next generation of personal transport. The great thing about hoverboards is that they are easy to ride, and provide endless entertainment for everyone.

However, the one thing you must pay attention to is the model you are buying.

The range of options in the marketplace is endless. There are just so many different manufacturers trying to cash in on the hoverboard craze. Looking at the models, you will be hard-pressed to differentiate them with the naked eye. Most of them look the same, with only the boxes, names, and packaging changed.

Fortunately for you, if the idea is to buy the right hoverboard for your kid, we are going to cover some of the most important factors you should consider before you make your purchase.

Quick Tips

If you’re in a rush, and want a brief overview of what we are going to cover in this blog, here are some quick tips that will help you buy the right hoverboard for your kids.

  • Don’t mistake hoverboards to hover, since most are self-balancing electric scooters.
  • The recommended age for hoverboards is 12 and above, so don’t get it for young kids.
  • Always read customer reviews for build quality and safety.
  • Look at U.S. based brands that offer customer support and warranties.
  • Hoverboards have batteries that need to be charged. It takes a few hours to charge.
  • The speed these boards travel at, range from 2 mph to 10 mph, with a range of 10 to 15 miles.
  • Check the weight of the hoverboard before buying it, because carrying one isn’t feasible.
  • If you only plan on using it for leisure, don’t spend more than $600 on it.
  • Check with your local police department and read up on local laws. Learn where you can ride, or if there are any fines you may have to pay.
  • Lookout for knockoffs that claim to be major brands. Never purchase a hoverboard that doesn’t offer a return policy.
  • Learn why hoverboards are a great device for your kids.

So, let’s get started, and reveal everything you should know about hoverboards. You need to know this before you buy the right one for your kids.

What Is a Hoverboard and How Do They Work?

Hoverboards for Kids Buying Guide

Even if you have never heard about hoverboards, you must have seen some, as they are everywhere. People have been using them as personal transporters for quite some time. And you must have certainly come across the mini Segways.

The riders must stand with their legs apart, and move the device through their feet by balancing forward or sideways to make it move. There are sensors installed in the device, that depicts movement, and moves the board in that direction.

Hoverboards come with self-balancing technology, so you don’t have to worry about taking any aerobic classes to refine your balance. All you need to do to make them move is lean forward, and it will zoom forward. Leaning backwards will slow it down.

These hoverboards come with a rechargeable battery, which propels the motors. And there are different models in the market that come with a smart key system. This prevents others from using your hoverboard when you are not riding it.

Hoverboards maybe the future of self-transportation, but many people still feel ripped off. They feel this is not the future they had imagined. The hoverboards of today aren’t the sci-fi gadgets shown in Back to the Future,

since they don’t fly. However, lots of manufacturers in the industry are currently working on building boards that can levitate and fly. Models like the Hendo and Lexus are already in production.

The Safety Concerns

There are lots of safety concerns you must look at before buying hoverboards, especially after the bad reviews it was getting a couple of years.

You must have come across news of exploding hoverboards, and boards catching fire. Especially when being charged. Things got so bad that the National Association of State Fire Marshals had to issue an advisory warning about all the explosions.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission also investigated hoverboard fires, and due to all the safety concerns hoverboard manufacturers had to stop production and recall all their products.

However, there is nothing to be worried about anymore, since all hoverboards that are on the market today, must have the UL certification. This guarantees that the hoverboard has met all the updated safety regulations, and will not be exploding or catching fire when you ride or charge it.

Where Can I Buy One?

Due to all the hype surrounding hoverboards, it can be difficult to find a proper hoverboard on sale, but it isn’t impossible. There are lots of major retailers still offering great prices on hoverboards.

And since the holidays have come and gone, there is more variety out there now. You can easily find lots of different options at online retailers like Amazon, and choose from hundreds of different options. There are quite a few knockoffs also on the market.  Make sure you don’t end up buying one of them.

Which Ones Are the Safest?

Hoverboards for Kids Buying Guide


Do’s and Don’ts Before buying Hoverboard

Buying a hoverboard is a very exciting thought. One mistake that people make is that they buy the first hoverboard they see available for sale. Buying a hoverboard should be like buying a car. Just because the cost is much lower it doesn’t mean that you should also change the way you approach the buying process.

Since we see people make mistakes when buying hoverboards all the time, we thought it was time we put together a guide. Here is some stuff that you should definitely do when buying a hoverboard, and

we will follow these up with some things you definitely shouldn’t do.


Things you should do

hoverboard buying tips

Here is how you purchase the perfect hoverboard

Plan your budget

The first thing that you have to decide is how much you are willing to spend on the hoverboard. The amount of money you spend will have a huge impact on how good your hoverboard experience goes. However, this doesn’t mean that you should use up all your savings on buying a hoverboard. You need to be smart about this.

How much money can you afford to spend?

This one’s obvious but this is the main thing which will govern what type of hoverboard you buy. Note that we didn’t say you need to see how much money you have, but rather how much you can afford to spend on a hoverboard. This will give you a good upper limit when searching for hoverboards. You’ll know what price point you need to be below to be able to buy the hoverboard.

It isn’t just about what you can afford – you also need to ask how much you are willing to spend on hoverboards. People who really love hoverboards can spend thousands of dollars on the hoverboard. On the other hand are people who just want the novelty of it, and they will spend a couple of hundred bucks at max. You need to see what you’re comfortable with.

Remember – the aim is to make sure you don’t regret what you bought later. If you go too cheap on this then you’ll end up regretting not spending a bit more to get a better hoverboard. On the other hand, spend too much and you will regret that you spent so much of your money on a hoverboard.

The best way to make sure that you don’t make a stupid impulsive purchase that is too expensive is to sleep on it. Decide which hoverboard you want to buy, bookmark the webpage, and give it a day or two. If you still want to spend that much money a day or two later, after having thought about it clearly; do it.

Think about how you will use the hoverboard

hoverboard buying tips

Once you know how much money you can spend, you need to start thinking about how much money you should spend. In order to determine how much money you should spend on the hoverboard you need to determine how much utility you will be able to get out of it. Make it a habit to think of every purchase this way. If you are spending money on anything and are not getting the utility out of it then the purchase is pointless.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t buy expensive things – sometimes expensive things have the most utility. An expensive watch may seem expensive, but when you see that the watch will be with you not just for years but decades you realize that the price is worth it.

The best way to determine how you will use the hoverboard is to see if you fall in any of the following use cases.

You are buying hoverboards as a novelty item

If you are only buying the hoverboard to satisfy an itch then you have to be honest with yourself. A lot of people buy hoverboards for this reason and it isn’t hard to understand why. Hoverboards are cool, and when you see someone ride one down a sidewalk you want to get one as well.

If you are just buying it for the novelty then you shouldn’t spend too much money on the hoverboard. Just get something that looks flashy and doesn’t break your budget.

You should also think about your purchasing habits. Are you the type of person who buys things all the time and doesn’t really use them? If you are then don’t splurge on the hoverboard. Just look at the stuff you own.

Do you own a lot of novelty items or cool looking stuff that you just played around with for a bit and never picked up again? If yes then you need to limit the amount of money you spend on this purchase. Realize how you trick yourself into spending money all the time so you can stop doing it.

You are buying it as a gift

Hoverboards are a fantastic gift item. Whoever you give it to will have a great time with it. Even if they don’t use it extensively, they will get a kick out of the gift. If you are giving the hoverboard to a kid then don’t spend too much. The more expensive hoverboards are very powerful,

which helps if the person riding the hoverboard weighs a lot. If you are buying it for a kid you don’t have to worry about this. Just get something which allows them to zoom around – no need to spend more money for more power when that power will never really be used.

You intend to use it as transport

If you actually intend to use the hoverboard to travel around then you need to take this the most seriously. You need to research as much as you can and you need to look at all the different types of hoverboards available. You need to determine how much you will be using the hoverboard and where you will be using it.

If you plan to use it indoors then you can get by with an inexpensive hoverboard. Inexpensive hoverboards do great on flat surfaces but cannot be taken off-road, and cannot overcome small obstacles like bumps. If you plan to use it in the office just grab something inexpensive.

If you plan to use it outdoors then you need a hoverboard which will be able to traverse the terrain outside without any problems. We would recommend spending what you can afford if this is the use case which applies to you. I

f you are going to use the hoverboard every day then you are getting a lot of utility out of it. Getting a high quality hoverboard which will last a long time will be your best move in this regard.

Study your surroundings

hoverboard buying tips

There’s nothing more disappointing than buying a hoverboard, excitedly taking it out to try only to realize that there’s nowhere you can really use it. Hoverboards are perfect for dense urban environments. If you live in a city and walk around a lot then hoverboards will be very useful to you.

If you live in a more rural or sparsely populated place you may need a different type of hoverboard. There are special hoverboards which have all-terrain tires and overpowered motors so they can go over rough surfaces. You may need that if you plan to use the hoverboard outdoors in such a place.

See if any of your friends have hoverboards

The best way to determine whether hoverboards will be worth the money you spend on them is to try them out. Find out which one of your friends has a hoverboard lying around – it is highly likely that someone in your social circle will have one. You should try riding it for an hour or two and see how it feels.

If you can, also try to keep the hoverboard with you for a day or two. Try to go on your daily walk on the hoverboard and find out if there are any problems that you hadn’t considered previously.

Look at the different features available

If you want to make an informed decision about buying ah overboard, you need the information first. You need to know what features are available before you can decide which features you need. There are basic hoverboards which will take you where you need to go and that’s it.

Then there are hoverboards which are made for difficult terrains. There are hoverboards with pneumatic tires which perform great even on sand and gravel. There are hoverboards which come with a mini handle type device which helps you steer better.

The best way to do this is first, make a list of the hoverboards that fall within your price range and compare their features. Once you’ve found a hoverboard which has all the features that you may need you will know that you have found the one for you. Don’t make the mistake of buying a hoverboard that doesn’t fit your needs and doesn’t have the features that you will need.

Things you should not do

hoverboard buying tips

We’ve covered the basic steps of buying the right hoverboard to you. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when buying a hoverboard. Make sure you avoid these if you want to have a good hoverboard experience.

Buy the cheapest hoverboard available

This is the biggest mistake you can get when buying a hoverboard. Usually when you want to try something it is a good idea to buy the cheap version and then buy the expensive version if you like the product. You should not be using the same philosophy when it comes to hoverboards. Here are some reasons why:

Cheap hoverboards don’t feel right

If you buy a cheap hoverboard you will think that you made the right choice, because you will think that you avoided wasting money on something you don’t enjoy. The reality is quite different – the reason you aren’t enjoying the experience is that you bought the worst possible hoverboard experience possible.

Cheap hoverboards are very slow and they are hard to maneuver. While you are riding them you will think that simply walking will be better. When you try to turn them they will not be as responsive as you want them to be, resulting in it being hard to make turns or go around corners.

All this stuff will end up making you give up hoverboards. It isn’t just about speed or control – just standing on a cheap hoverboard will be uncomfortable. The cheap plastic and shoddy construction do not make a good base to support you.

Cheap batteries are dangerous

You may remember that when hoverboards became huge they were banned because they were catching fire. You may be puzzled at why hoverboards are available for purchase again if they are dangerous. The answer is simple; only cheap hoverboards with low quality batteries are dangerous. A good hoverboard is not dangerous at all.

This is something which you should take very seriously. Lithium-Ion batteries are great – they power our phones, our hoverboards, even electric cars, and much more. However there is one flaw in Lithium-Ion batteries. If they are punctured or damage they can catch fire and even create a small explosion. Even the battery in your phone, if poked with a sharp object, will end up bursting and releasing a lot of fire.

The reason they are so commonplace is that a well-built battery is created in a way that ensures this doesn’t happen. The reason that so many hoverboards were catching fire at the end of 2016 is that cheap hoverboards from shady companies had flooded the market.

Everyone was buying these cheap hoverboards. Their manufacturers used the cheapest batteries they could find, which resulted in a lot of fires and property damage.

Cheap hoverboards are useless

The biggest sin of cheap hoverboards is that they are useless. Their top speed is so poor that you wish you were walking instead. The smallest obstacle will end up blocking them and then you have to pick up the hoverboard, cross the obstacle on foot, then start riding again.

The batteries in them aren’t just dangerous, they are weak as well. In the beginning they may run for as long as an hour but they will soon deteriorate and will end up losing their energy storage capabilities slowly. Soon your hoverboard will have barely enough power for short trips. Sure, you saved money by buying the cheap hoverboard. But you are also going to get extremely limited use from it.

Buy the product without researching the company

The company that makes the hoverboard you are buying makes a lot of difference. Hoverboards are still a new technology so it is much better to go with a company that has a good track record. Several companies have been banned in the US and EU for making shoddy quality hoverboards.

sure you don’t buy it from any of those. Just look at the reviews of their other products online and you’ll quickly find out if they are worth your time and money.

Often you will find two products with the exact specifications but wildly different prices. The only apparent difference will be that they are made by different companies. Here you need to look at the customer reviews to make the right decision. The problem is that specifications are easy to manipulate or misrepresent.

How are statistics misrepresented? Both the hoverboards may say that they have a top speed of 10mph. However, one had their speed measures without any weight on it, when it is easy for even the weakest engine to reach 10mph. While the other may have been measured with proper weight on it.

The same is true for batteries. Two batteries may claim to have the same storage capacity, but the quality of the battery changes everything. It dictates how fast they lose energy, and how fast they lose their capacity to store energy. ALL lithium-ion batteries get inefficient with time. The cheap ones start losing efficiency within weeks while the good quality ones lose it in the span of a year or so.

That is why you need to make sure you buy the product from a company that you can trust. It is a great idea to buy it from a company that has local presence. If you buy it online from a company that has no representation in your country. They know they aren’t liable for anything.

They know you won’t come to China and confront them about product quality. However, if you buy the hoverboard from a company that exists locally you will get much better customer service. You will also get a higher quality product, since the local company will give you a warranty period as well. You will have to pay a bit more to buy it locally but it is worth it.

Do not purchase a secondhand hoverboard

A lot of people just buy hoverboards for the novelty of it and then get bored of them. That is why you will see a lot of used hoverboards available for sale. You should not get a used hoverboard. The biggest problem is the battery. You don’t know how good the quality of the product is,

which means that buying secondhand is a risk. You also don’t know what condition the original owners kept the hoverboard in it. It could have internal damage or battery issues which are hard to check before buying. If you really want to buy secondhand, only buy secondhand of high quality products by well-known companies. If you buy a secondhand Segway, for example, you should be fine. Though, usually you won’t find the good useful type of hoverboards for sale as secondhand.

Learn how to use it

As soon as you buy the hoverboard make sure you learn how to use it. Hoverboards are extremely intuitive. Once you learn how to use them it will be second nature. You won’t even be thinking about slightly leaning left to turn left – you will just be doing it. Just make sure you learn to ride properly before you take the hoverboard outdoors.

Also learn how to get on and off the hoverboard. This is the part where most people end up falling and hurting themselves. Do not jump off the hoverboard – that is a recipe for disaster. It almost guarantees that you will fall down. Don’t step off the hoverboard going ahead. It may come forward and hit you in the feet, causing you to fall. The best way to do it is to step backwards, one foot at a time.

Get the right hoverboard and you’ll love it

Once you buy the right hoverboard it will be hard for you to get off of it. Just because  you will be having so much fun. We truly believe hoverboards are the future of transportation, and not just because they look cool. The biggest reason we are convinced that hoverboards are the future is how intuitive they are.

There is no awkward movement, no hard controls. You just get on them and then use your body to guide you wherever you need to go. A slight push forward and you’re going forward at full speed. A slight lean to the left and you are turning left. It is very natural. Just after an hour or so of riding the hoverboard you will be doing all of this on instinct alone.

If you get the wrong hoverboard though, nothing will feel right. You need to make sure that the hoverboard you buy is good enough for the type of terrain you plan to use it on. You need to make sure it can support your weight and traverse any slopes in your daily route.

Make the right purchase by putting in the right amount of thought into it. Make sure you don’t get the cheapest hoverboards available either. Get something good and it will last you a long, long time.


10 Best Ways to Help a Child in Balancing Hoverboard

Children  who have a problem balancing when growing up need all the help they can get. At that age, you can have a significant impact on them. Getting them to play on wheelie toys like hoverboards for kids will not only get them to play outdoors, but will help them build their balance skills.

It will help build their confidence, and allow them to spend time playing with other kids. However, there is nothing to be worried about because with the right help and proper support, they will get their bearings right and will develop their motor skills.

Balance is highly important for everyone because it is closely associated with motor skills. If children have issues balancing, a lot of other skills that are dependent on it – like learning and development – can be seriously delayed. Most parents take the health of their kids for granted.

It is important to remember that when your kid is struggling with balance, the best thing you can do for them is to give them unerring support and a lot of patience.


Problems with balance are common among young children

The first thing you must do with the knowledge that your child has a problem balancing is to not freak out. It isn’t the end of the world, and this isn’t a problem that is going to stay with them for the rest of their lives. Some kids learn to walk later than others,

and some experience more problems with balance than others. You can help your child learn and develop their balance skills, but you shouldn’t set a timetable or goals for doing that.

Each child is different, and therefore, you must never push your child, or get frustrated or angry with them if they continue to struggle. The most important thing you can do for your child is to build a regime of repetition, consistency, patience, and persistence.

It is the consistency and persistence of the parent that is going to make the difference at the end, as it will give the child confidence, and help them learn the important balance skills that are important in life. As a parent, you must realize that a lack of balance for a child can be disabling, and confusing for the child. The kid won’t be able to function properly, as they will keep falling, or tipping over whenever they start to walk.

Where there is a will, there is a way!

Balancing Hoverboard

Balance is an integral part of everyday living, without which anyone would struggle to do the most basic things. Take away balance, and everything falls apart, as you become disoriented, with no way to tell, which way the floor is and where the ceiling is supposed to be. A lack of balance in life can seriously compromise the quality of life and development in every aspect of life. Reading all this, you may start getting worried about the lack of balance for your child, but the good news is that you can easily overcome this problem.

If you are trying to help improve your child’s balance or help them gain balance, read on as we share a list of the 10 best strategies that will help you. You can employ these useful strategies to help develop balance for your child, and help them in any other way to ensure they have good balance skills.

These techniques should be repeatedly as frequently and consistently as possible, while ensuring that the child isn’t placed under any undue stress. The exercises will also allow you to bond with your child, and have fun playing with them throughout the day. Make sure that you don’t make each activity seem like a chore, instead of a fun game for your child.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the 10 best ways you can help a child with balance problems:

1.    Standing upright in a swimming pool

Water creates buoyancy, which makes it easier for you to do things in a swimming pool that you couldn’t possibly do when on dry land. It is also great for developing confidence in your child as far as getting them to balance themselves goes. Children will be able to stand upright in a swimming pool, without help, as the water helps them float.

Make sure that you are always by the side of your kid when they are in the pool, and ensure that the depth of the pool is around chest-height for the child. This will make it easier for them to stand without assistance in the pool, since they will be surrounded by water on all sides.

You should also get into the water with your child so that you can help them out if they need it, and hold their hand. Help them walk and stand in the water, which will develop self-confidence in them.

2.    Walking up and down stairs using a handrail

If your kid struggles to walk, you could improve their balance by helping them sit and shuffle up and down the stairs. You need to focus on their physical movement. Once the concentration of the child develops, they will be able to move from one step on the stair to the next without any help. This will not only develop self-confidence and balance skills, but will also improve their depth-perception.

You shouldn’t discourage your child when they are using the handrail to move up and down the stairs, since it will not build confidence. Encourage them to tackle the challenge, and be fascinated by their improvement in skill levels. It will all result in improved balance for them.

3.    Using mini-micro scooter hoverboards

There are a lot of hoverboards available in the market, and while the common age of use for a hoverboard is for children 12 years and older, there are a lot of mini-hoverboards for kids as well. These are micro versions of the adult sized hoverboards, and have been designed especially for children.

The best thing about these mini-micro scooter hoverboards is that they come with two wheels at the front, which makes falling over impossible.

This scooter is safe for children with poor balance, and stands up by itself, which gives the child 100% confidence, because they don’t need to apply any balance to make it stand. Your child will be able to enjoy hours of fun, riding their scooter hoverboards, and that will further develop confidence in them.

Make sure that you get a mini-micro scooter hoverboard that is the right size for your child, because that will allow them to ride properly for longer hours.

4.    Sitting on a skateboard

Another way you can use to improve your child’s balance is by getting them to sit on a hoverboard. It may seem strange, but skateboards provide stability and motion for children with poor balance and depth-perception. The backward and forward motion on the skateboard will provide stability

when your kid is sitting down on the board, and there is no risk of them tipping over. The increased confidence your child will have sitting on the skateboard will help improve their motor skills.

Using the skateboard repetitively is recommended because this way your child will develop more confidence in the board, knowing that it won’t tip over. They will be encouraged to play like other kids, without having to worry about balancing or falling over, and this will improve their balance skills slowly.

5.    Walking up and down ramps

Just like the stairs technique that was discussed previously, you can help your kid walk up and down ramps, which provide perfect practice for kids with balance problems. Children lover running and playing on ramps since they feel ascending and descending sensations more acutely than adults do. However, make sure that you are using a small ramp, which would feel massive for the children.

The incline effect on the child when they are running up and down it will be different depending on the action performed on it. This will allow the child to gain confidence, and enjoy negotiating the obstacle. You can help encourage your child even further by allowing them to shuffle, run, walk, sit on a scooter, skateboard, or another vehicle, which will give them endless hours of fun and improve balance skills.

6.    Using a balance bike

Child in Balancing Hoverboard

You can further enhance the development of balance skills for your child by using balance bikes, which are designed to teach children about balance. These balance bikes are for toddlers, and have no pedals. The child sits on the bike and scoots along, like they are walking or running, since there are no pedals.

These balance bikes are very important for children with balance problems, since this will teach them how to ride a regular bike.

Most special needs kids can take a long while to develop their balance skills, which other kids take for granted. Therefore, you must give them all the help they need, and balance bikes are one of the best ways to do that, since it gives the same fun as a regular bike, and improves balance skills as well.

7.    Rolling down a hill or ramp

If you weren’t raised in the city, you will remember rolling down the hills during summer in the countryside. It was the favorite pastime of kids in an era where there were no iPads, or other hand-held gaming devices.

You can take your kid back to the basics, and help them live the childhood that you had. Rolling down the hill or a ramp is beneficial for developing balance skills because the spinning motion helps the brain adjust to its surroundings faster.

You must obviously stand nearby to help your child, and make sure they don’t end up rolling down the hill or ramp faster. Get them to roll down slowly, and the gentle motion will stimulate the brain, and allow it to make new connections that are designed to improve balance.

The best way to do that is by taking your kid to the park or countryside and getting them to lie on their sides and roll down a hill. They will have loads of fun with you, and you must make this a regular practice.

8.    Standing on one leg assisted

Another fun exercise you can get your child to practice when they have balance problems is getting them to stand on one leg while you assist them. When they stand on one leg, the brain gets signals, which tells it to perform certain functions differently than when 2 feet are planted on the ground.

This exercise should be done under your supervision, and you can give your child something to hold onto, like a chair, your hand, or a walking stick.

Once your child has developed enough confidence to perform it un-assisted, their balance will improve dramatically. However, you must be careful in not letting them perform this without your aid, because they could fall and injure themselves.

Even if they do fall once or twice, you should encourage them, and never be disappointed, sad, or angry. The consistency and repetition of this exercise will make the difference for your child in developing their balance.

9.    Spinning around on an office chair

You don’t need to take your kids to your office to try out this exercise. You can get your own personal office chair, and get your child to spin around on the chair. This strategy is proven to deliver great results as far as helping your child develop confidence and improve their balance is concerned.

Make sure that you don’t spin the chair too fast, because you don’t want to scare your child. When the chair spins, it will make your child dizzy, and you don’t want them getting sick.

Gently spin the chair and ensure that you do it right, at least once a day. It will not take long, and is another enjoyable activity you can share with your child.

10.   Holding the child upside down

This may seem like taking extreme measures, but holding your child upside down will improve their balance. You must take every precaution while doing this, since you can easily drop your child and cause a serious injury to them.

This option should only be done if you have a small and lightweight child that you can easily hold and carry upside down. Most parents usually hold their kid’s upside down as fun for short periods without realizing the hidden benefits.

When your child is upside down, their brain is disoriented, and that allows them to gain access sensory stimulation. This causes the brain to find new connections and pathways to make sense of what is going on. These new pathways and connections will help your child develop new skills, as far as balance is concerned, and you will notice that they will be able to quickly stand up on their feet.

Make sure that you perform this exercise for short periods only, as prolonging it may cause your child to get sick from excessive disorientation.

What is exercise therapy for children?

Balancing Hoverboard

A lot of parents think that when experts recommend more exercise for their children, they mean physically demanding activities, like running, or scooting on one of the hoverboards mentioned in our reviews. However, that isn’t what the experts are talking about when discussing exercise therapy,

since you don’t need to spend hours in the gym to be active, and your kids can be active in a controlled environment. This varies from one child to another, because some children who struggle with poor concentration, balance problems, or a disability may need special help.

This is where exercise therapy comes into play, since it offers a practical solution, and not only helps children get in shape, but also helps build their self-confidence. There are a lot of different exercises designed for kids who struggle to get in shape by themselves,

and these involve strengthening the mind and the body. Kids with special needs are unable to take part in daily activities like climbing stairs, swimming, walking to the store, carrying bags, throwing a softball, and playing outdoors.

Therefore, their physical conditioning isn’t the best, and their confidence levels are also low. That is where exercise therapy is so beneficial, since it helps the child get into shape, and reduces their chances of contracting a disease they may suffer from as an adult. The benefits your child will gain from exercise therapy include the following:

  • Reduces their chances of getting cancer
  • Strengthens the heart
  • Strengthens the lungs
  • Prevents the accumulation of sugar in the blood
  • Helps manage weight control
  • Strengthens the bones
  • Clears the veins and arteries from harmful cholesterol and fats

Exercise therapy for kids

balancing hoverboard

When we talk about exercise therapy for kids, we are talking about a specific type of healthcare that is focused on the rehabilitation of children who struggle with balance control or have injuries.

These treatments must be performed regularly, so that the child develops confidence and can recover from their injuries. The exercise therapy must meet the individual needs and requirements of the patient to aid in their complete recovery.

There are different types of exercise therapies for kids, and we are going to discuss some of them to give you a better idea of what to choose for your child. The different types of exercise therapies are:

·        Massage therapy

This is one of the most common types of exercise therapy for kids, and involves promoting blood circulation to the muscles, and healing soft tissue injuries. There are different massage techniques used in massage therapy, which include:

  • Effleurage
  • Kneading
  • Pressing
  • Neuromuscular techniques
  • Relaxation function

·        Deep tissue exercise

The deep tissue exercise deals with the deep layers of muscle tissue, and is used to help improve the setup of slow movements that go straight from the muscle fibers.

·        Thai exercise

This type of exercise involves reflexology, acupressure, and yoga, and involves different pressure points and stretching movements. It is designed to improve the posture and balance of your child.

·        Warm-up exercise

These warm-up exercises are great for children, especially when you want to help them improve their balance. When done properly, it helps avoid injury, and prepares the mind and body about the efforts of the upcoming event.

·        Warm-down exercise

The warm-down exercise is meant to restore the mind and body to a relaxed state, and must be done after a strenuous activity. It relaxes the muscle fibers and tissue by getting rid of lactic acid and toxins from the muscles.

·        Mobilization

One of the best exercise therapies that you can practice for your child is the mobilization technique. It is meant to deal with failures of the joint, and will help restore the range of motion and joint mobility for your child.

The therapist will move the joint gently in the normal range of motion, and do it in a delicate and precise manner. If not treated properly after an injury, it can cause fatigue, pain and muscle spasms.

The mobilization exercise is recommended for soft tissue injuries because it helps to release built-up tension in the connective tissue and muscle fascia, which surround the muscle leaves. The techniques mentioned here will help relax muscle tension, and break adhesions.

·        Electrotherapy

Electrotherapy is also recommended in exercise therapy treatment, and is done through laser treatment. The electrostimulation machine will send electric charges to the muscles via a small patch that you will be wearing on the skin.

·        Treatment with heat and cold compresses

Hot and cold treatments are popular among athletes since they are designed to promote healing and blood circulation. Cold treatments involve using cold compression on the wound to reduce swelling and inflammation. Thermal treatments are used after an acute injury, and are done to promote healing and relax muscles.

So, there you have it, the complete manual on the 10 best ways to help a child with balance problems.


Reasons to Buy a Hoverboard –

Let’s get one thing straight. All those who think that the hoverboard or self-balancing scooter was built for kids, are flat out wrong. In fact, the hoverboard was created for people of all ages to use as a fun way to get from point A to point B.

Its versatility is one of the reasons behind the popularity of the hoverboard in recent years, and this trend is unlikely to stop any time soon. Nowadays, the hoverboards are literally flying off department store shelves; which goes to show the popularity of this handy gizmo.

So, now that we’ve got that out of the way, here we are going to talk about the reasons why adults should consider getting themselves a hoverboard,

if they haven’t already got one, along with other information all those who want to buy a hoverboard will find useful. Before we can get to the reasons why you should own a hoverboard if you’re an adult, let’s first take a quick look at what is a hoverboard.


What is a Hoverboard?

Hoverboard are technically known as self-riding scooters. Now, you’re right to think that there’s a big difference between a scooter and a hoverboard, and there’s a story behind this.

The hoverboard was designed back in 2015. This year also coincided with the famous cult classic movie ‘Back to the Future’, in which Marty McFly, a character played famously by Michael J.

Fox, travelled to the future and was seen riding at one point in the film, a hoverboard. And yes, the year portrayed in the movie was 2015!

So, you could expect the excitement of movie fans and tech enthusiasts. Just a few months earlier, Nike introduced its self-tying shoes, another prop in the Back to the Future movie that captured the imagination of audiences.

Since it’s all about timing when it comes to marketing, the company behind the self-riding scooter was smart to use the name ‘hoverboard’ to market its new and futuristic product, and the rest as they say, is history.

Hoverboards are extremely easy to use once you’ve got the hang of it. All you have to do is step on the two footpads that are pressure-sensitive.

The tiny sensors that are placed in the footpads are able to sense when a person is leaning forward or backward while on the hoverboard. To start moving, all the person has to do is lean forward.

Since there’s no handle to stand steady and in one place, figuring out how to balance properly is the first challenge that all hoverboard users have to deal with.

But, once you’ve gotten used to balancing on the hoverboard, maneuvering around should be second nature. Granted, the hoverboards do not levitate as in the movie ‘Back to the Future 2’, it is still pretty fun to ride on for both adults and children.

Once you figure out how to move while on the hoverboard, you can easily turn, and move seamlessly, making the hoverboard feel like an extension of oneself.

The best part of using a hoverboard is that it does not require any manual stimulation like a kick scooter or a skateboard, making them a great way to move around without having to take a single step.

Reasons to Buy a Hoverboard

It is without a doubt that hoverboards are an almost futuristic looking creation that piques the interest of most people. As the popularity of hoverboards continues to grow amongst children, here are some of the reasons why even adults should consider getting themselves a hoverboard.

Ease of Use

One of the reasons why adults should consider getting themselves a hoverboard if they haven’t already is because a hoverboard is extremely easy to use. Getting on and off a hoverboard is pretty simple.

After you’ve turned on the hoverboard, step on the foot pad using your dominant foot first, followed by your non-dominant foot. Once both feet are on the hoverboard, place your feet as close as you can to the wheels.

This will help you balance while maneuvering your hoverboard. It’s important to stay relaxed while on the hoverboard or else you’ll end up horizontal on the floor.

If you don’t trust your balance just yet, use a table or a friend for support. The hoverboard is easier to learn on hard surfaces such as the kitchen or any other hard or concrete surface. Once, you are confident in your ability to stay balanced on the hoverboard you can start going outside.


One of the reasons why hoverboards are liked by kids is that they are lightweight. This makes it easier for a person to maneuver the hoverboard while turning corners. But, the hoverboard has a lot more going on for it. A hoverboard is not only light but portable as well,

making them easy to carry around or store away when not in use. Since a hoverboard usually weighs just a few pounds, they aren’t a hassle to take with on trips, or store once you’re done riding them. It’s not unheard of for users to take their hoverboards along with them during road trips.

Futuristic Design

Another attraction of the hoverboard is quite understandably its futuristic design. While the hoverboard may not be able to hover a few inches off the ground as it was portrayed in the movie, t

he futuristic design of the hoverboard does make it an attention grabber. That’s why regardless of where the hoverboard is seen, on the road or at a college campus, it almost always turns heads. Besides, the hoverboard was born out of a sci-fi movie,

which is the reason behind its futuristic design. It also happens to be the closest thing we will see to the hoverboard of Back to the Future. So, until then, those who want to ride on something futuristic in reality can do that with a hoverboard (until they figure out how to make them fly!).

Get Jiggy with it

Although the hoverboard is mostly marketed as a toy for kids, or something to get around in for those who don’t like to walk much, turns out, there are some other hidden functions to the hoverboard that were apparently not known of before. According to some reports, couples have been spotted having ‘hover-sex’ on their hoverboards. Meanwhile, let’s get on with the list.

Cut Down on Fuel Costs

The price of gas is going through the roof. While living in an economy that’s unpredictable, especially since this past year, it would be wise to start saving money.

One of the easiest ways in which you can do that is by investing in a hoverboard that can get you from one place to the next with ease and more importantly, without you having to make the stop at the gas station.

Since a hoverboard works on electricity and can go for miles on a single charge, you will end up saving hundreds of dollars every month just by making a small investment in a hoverboard.

While there was a once a question mark on the efficiency of hoverboards when they were first released, the newest hoverboards are quite good in efficiency and can go for up to 17 miles on a single charge.

Besides that, it only takes a couple of hours to charge a hoverboard so you won’t be plugging it in for the rest of the night as you would an electric car. Just don’t take the interstate when going to work!

Eco-Friendly Way to Travel

While high fuel costs are reason enough to start using a hoverboard, another area of concern for many people is the environment. We all know that the earth is warming up and that there’s nothing fake about climate change.

While many folks are making the switch from traditional fuel and coal to solar and wind power to get their electricity, making good use of a hoverboard is another way of doing your part to save the environment. Besides,

we all have a responsibility towards the current and future generations when it comes to seeking out sustainable power sources, and the best way of doing that is by using a hoverboard.

The reason why a hoverboard is considered to be an environmentally friendly mode of transportation is that it uses electricity as a power source.

It does not emit any dangerous gases into the atmosphere unlike other vehicles and it does not have to be plugged on for hours to charge before it can be used. Out of all the reasons why adults should consider getting themselves a good quality hoverboard, this is probably one of the most fulfilling reasons to own one.

A Safe Way to Travel

Contrary to popular belief, using a hoverboard is extremely safe once you’ve learned how to balance and maneuver on it. While there were some reports of hoverboards exploding in the past due to faulty battery packs, that’s all a thing of the past now.

The reason why some hoverboards were malfunctioning in the past was due to the surprisingly high demand for the product.

Once the hoverboard was initially launched, its sales went through the roof. To bank on the popularity of the hoverboard, many Chinese manufacturers reverse engineered the hoverboard and started to mass produce them to compete with the high demand.

The result was a lot of hoverboards were fitted with faulty battery packs which led to some of the hoverboards malfunctioning, and in some cases, catching fire.

But, as said earlier, that’s all in the past since new laws and regulations have been introduced, making sure that all manufacturers build their hoverboards using the same safety features as the well-known hoverboard manufacturers.

So, there’s really no reason to worry about buying a hoverboard with faulty parts. To stay safe, as a rule of thumb, you should always purchase hoverboards from a well-known brand to make sure you get the best in quality and efficiency.

Another tip to make sure you are getting the best hoverboard available is by making sure the hoverboard has been UL-certified.

The good news is that all hoverboards that have been manufactured after 2017 must have a UL-certification ensuring that the proper safety measures were taken during their design,

and that the hoverboard meets the new rules and regulations that have been set that all manufacturers need to follow when designing their hoverboards.

Learning Something New is Fun

Think of it this way, you only live once. So, why not learn as much as you can. This includes learning a new skill. Besides, getting out of your comfort zone is something that many people prefer not to do, but you will find that once you do, you will end up learning new capabilities you never knew you had. Purchasing a hoverboard is one way of doing that since it helps you tap into your hidden skills that were dormant until then. In this way, hoverboards are not only a smart investment for youngsters, but also adults as well who want to get in touch with their adventurous side.

Hoverboards are especially good for those adults who are constantly on the lookout for new challenges to explore and conquer. While learning how to ride a hoverboard might take a few days or a week, once you do learn how to balance yourself and maneuver on a hoverboard,

you are definitely going to cherish every moment of the experience, because that’s just how exciting it is to explore the outdoors on a hoverboard.

Appeals to the Whole Family

Face it, there are very few things that you can enjoy along with the whole family (except maybe for Monopoly!). The hoverboard is one such device that you can purchase knowing that it will be fun not only for you but for the rest of the family.

Since hoverboards are a hit with adults and kids alike, you can rest assured that you will be spending lots of quality time with your hoverboard and the family.

Besides, the hectic lifestyle that we live in makes it difficult to spend some quality time with the kids. Purchasing a hoverboard is the perfect way to get yourself and the kids motivated while taking part in a fun activity together.

Regardless of your skill level, once you get the knack of balancing on the hoverboard you can take it outdoors and spend hours having fun with the kids.

The great news about owning a hoverboard is that there’s a very short learning curve so even if you don’t know how to balance a cycle or a skateboard, it will only take a few tries to get the hang of maneuvering on a hoverboard. It’s just that simple!

Hoverboards are Loads of Fun

As mentioned previously, hoverboards are lots of fun regardless of your age. Since learning how to ride a hoverboard is simple,

you won’t be spending much time learning to balance on the hoverboard. Using a hoverboard doesn’t come with the risk of seriously hurting yourself as is the case with motorcycles, skateboards or roller blades.

There’s no risk of getting hurt in traffic or ramming into a bus because you won’t be using it on the road. As long as you learn how to balance yourself on the hoverboard you are going to be fine.

This makes it a fun and easy way to have some ‘me time’ to shake off all the stress of a hectic lifestyle.

The hoverboard can also be used as a means to unwind after a rough day at work. Regardless of how you want to use your hoverboard, you are sure to have fun, which is one of the reasons why getting a hoverboard is a wise investment for adults.

Make Up for Lost Time

When you were growing up, chances are you didn’t have a chance to use something like a hoverboard, that’s because hoverboards didn’t exist back then.

There are many reasons why adults and even seniors feel left out when it comes to technology. This is mainly due to the fact that much of technology has grown and evolved to become what it is today.

While every parent would love nothing more than to give their kids something futuristic such as a hoverboard to play with,

this is a chance for parents to get a taste of the futuristic technology that they weren’t able to when they were kids. The hoverboard is by far the coolest new technologies around, and definitely worth the investment. Besides,

there have been many parents who have bought the hoverboard for their kids and have found that they enjoy riding the hoverboard just as much as their kids do. So, it’s a win-win situation for you and your kids.


Here’s a quick one to roll off with. Another reason why those adults who are still on the fence about whether or not to get themselves a hoverboard should take advantage of the fact that hoverboards are no longer expensive.

You can easily get a brand new hoverboard from one of the top manufacturers in a few hundred dollars, without having to compromise on quality. As far as the advantages go of owning a hoverboard, the investment is definitely going to be worth it. If you take care of your hoverboard, it can last you for years.


How to Ride a Hoverboard..? –

If you want to know how to ride a Hoverboard it is a safe bet that you have one ordered or with you already. Well, congratulations on the purchase or gift! This is the future of mobility.

It is already a normal sight to see someone riding a hoverboard on the sidewalks and it is only going to get more common from hereon. If you want to make the jump to this mode of transport and want to know how to ride it properly we have written this guide for you.

We will be taking you throughout the whole process of learning how to ride and then riding safely. You can consider this a complete guide to riding hoverboards. We will be doing our best to explain each and every part of riding and make sure that any questions you may have in your mind will be answered. However,

if there is any confusion or if you have a question about a topic not touched in this guide, just send us an email. We would love to not just help you out but also add the answer as an addendum here in case anyone else had the same question.

So, without further ado, let’s see how you can become an expert hoverboard user.


Things to do before you try riding

How to Ride a Hoverboard

Here’s a secret to doing anything great – preparation. Seriously, that is all it takes. You see those athletes on TV, giving it their best? We have all seen the movies where the athlete gets a final bout of inspiration and ends up winning the game for his team.

That’s now how it works in reality, you don’t just learn how to be good at anything with confidence. No, the answer is preparation and practice. We will go into detail about practice later, let’s look at the preparation part first.

Why you need to get protective gear

If you have a hoverboard you don’t really need anything else to run it. However, you have to consider that this is the first time you are riding a hoverboard. Hoverboards are a very safe way to move about but anyone learning to ride it may fall. Most people fall not because of anything with the hoverboard but simply because it is so strange to stand on one without grabbing on to anything.

Your brain expects the hoverboard to make you fall, since it is on two wheels, but it is a self-balancing scooter hoverboard so it balances itself. Ironically, this unexpected balance is the very thing that makes you lose your balance.

The fact that you are not falling when your brain thinks you should be falling results in you compensating for a fall that isn’t actually happening, which in turn actually makes you fall.

That is why you need to account for the fall. That is why you need to make sure that if you fall, you fall safely. And that is why you will need protective gear for your elbows and your knees. You will also, most importantly, need a helmet for your head.

Now, we know what you are thinking. You have not seen anyone ever ride a hoverboard with protective gear. Everyone is riding them without any safety measures needed, and it seems to be doing fine.

You are probably thinking that you will look very awkward riding a hoverboard with safety gear on. Hoverboards are cool, but you think you will look like a dork simply because of how much protective gear you have on.

First of all, you should always pick safety over looking good. Secondly, and this will make you happy, you will not be wearing any of the protective gear when you are out riding. Well, you can, and honestly you should, but you will not need to. The protective gear you need isn’t for when you become a regular hoverboard user.

No, it is for the process. Remember those training wheels you added to bicycles for children, only to be removed once the child grasped the right technique? We are doing the same thing. We don’t want anyone who is new to hoverboards to fall and hit their head.

Look for a suitable place to practice

How to Ride a Hoverboard

Once you have the gear you need it is time to look for a suitable place to practice. Here are some things you need to consider. First is that there should not be anything around you that will hurt you badly in case you fall. This means that you should not be practicing riding a hoverboard in any place where there are counters or tables around you.

There is a chance you may hit your head on them when falling, and that is not going to be pleasant to deal with. Look for large, empty places. If you have a few rooms in your house which have enough space and no tables you should be good.

If not at the home we would recommend going to a park near your house. Any place where people regularly jog. It will have a good pathway for you to try out. There will be no obstacles in your path. Just make sure the path is firm enough for your hoverboards. Some hoverboards only properly work on hard surfaces; they may have trouble with a walkway that is made of sand.

You also need to account for local laws. Generally hoverboards are allowed in all public spaces. However, there are a few private places as well as public places with high security measures in place where you may not be able to use your hoverboard.

Don’t worry about this too much – just google the name of your state and ‘’hoverboard laws’’. You will find out if there is any legislation in your area regulating hoverboard use, and if there is you can get the details right from the search results.

Prepping your hoverboard

How to Ride a Hoverboard

Ok, now you have everything you need. You have the protective gear you need to stay safe as you learn to ride the hoverboard. You have located a suitable place to practice. And you know you are allowed to ride a hoverboard in your chosen place. Now you have to make sure your hoverboard is ready.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure your hoverboard functions properly. Turn it on and see if the lights turn on the way they should. Next up you have to charge the hoverboard. You will need to read the manual that came with the hoverboard. Most hoverboards don’t have screens,

so you will have to find out how your hoverboard indicates a full charge. Once you know, put it on charge and wait until it is fully charged. Hoverboards do not pack as much juice as you would expect, so it is a good idea to charge it before using.

This is a limitation due to battery technology and the power required to run a hoverboard. Hoverboards have a powerful motor to ensure that even a heavy adult can use them easily. They also have limited space to put in a battery. However, there’s no need to despair. Battery tech is improving very fast, mostly thanks to the immense battery demand created by electric cars and solar energy solutions.

This means that batteries will simply keep improving. We are sure that in a few years hoverboard batteries will be powerful enough to allow you to ride all day long without any problems, but we aren’t there yet. Once your hoverboard is charged you are ready to go.

Step 1: Learn how to get on the hoverboard

How to Ride a Hoverboard

This is the part where most people end up falling, and the reason you fall is all in your head. Imagine that you are getting on top of a hoverboard. You expect it to be steady like the floor as you step on, but that’s now how hoverboards work. They have a bit of a ‘give’, and then they compensate for your weight and keep themselves in balance. That is why they are called self-balancing scooters, and this is also why you can ride them without needing to hold on to anything.

So when you step on it the hoverboard will adjust for the way you stepped on it. This is very confusing the first few times you step on the hoverboard. Mentally you expect it to go two ways. You assume that it will be a sturdy platform to stand on. Or you assume that it will be free-moving due to the wheels and you have to balance yourself.

So when you step on you are wondering which one of these will happen. And then you will get confused because none of these things happens. No, what happens is that the hoverboard wobbles a little, and you think you need to make your foot steadier. In the same second the hoverboard balances itself, so now you are out of sync with it and fall down.

The easiest way to get on a hoverboard without falling down is to properly align your center of gravity. You must only be on the hoverboard when you are properly balanced. Stand with your legs a bit far apart, cowboy style. Now place one foot forward on the hoverboard.

Do not be worried about the hoverboard going away from your foot since you put your foot on it. Your hoverboard should NOT be able to run at all until both your feet are on it, none of them do. That is a basic security feature and we have not seen any hoverboard that didn’t have it.

Once one of your feet is on it firmly, put the other one on as well. Since the hoverboard has already balanced itself based on the one foot you put on it, it will not wobble the way it did before. Voila! You are now standing on a hoverboard without feeling like you are falling down.

You will soon be able to zoom around without any trouble. We highly recommend you practice getting on the hoverboard a few times to make sure you are able to do it effortlessly. To get on the hoverboard again and again you will have to get off of it again and again as well. So let’s look at the proper and safe way to step off the hoverboard.

Step 2: Learn how to step off the hoverboard

No, we aren’t just going to tell you how to get on a hoverboard and leave you there, not knowing what to do next. Let’s look at the right way of stepping off a hoverboard. Think about what the right method will be.

You probably imagined that you would simply stop the hoverboard and take a step forward, right? Well, that is the mistake which everyone makes. If you asked every hoverboard user if they did this in the beginning most of them will tell you that they did.

There are two problems with this way of stepping off the hoverboard. One is that it is not the right center of gravity for you, meaning it is easy for you to lose your balance stepping off the hoverboard this way. However, this isn’t even the biggest problem. You know hoverboards work through your feet.

You tilt your feet forward and the hoverboard moves forward. The problem is that as you step off the hoverboard there is a huge chance that you will unintentionally tilt your foot.

Whenever we step forward our toes first touch the ground and the rest of the foot follows. This isn’t a problem when we do it on the floor, but that tilted foot hits the hoverboard just right for it to turn. Now, since your foot is in front of the hoverboard this results in the hoverboard hitting your foot.

So here is what happens simultaneously. A hoverboard hits you on the foot in front. Since you are in a very awkward position, it is easy for you to lose your balance. The cherry on top? Since the hoverboard moved unexpectedly, the foot which is still on the hoverboard also moves with the hoverboard unexpectedly. This is basically a surefire way to fall when stepping off of a hoverboard.

Don’t worry – the right way isn’t hard at all, it is much easier. All you have to do is step off backwards. Do it the way you would step off a ladder. This works great due to many reasons. One is that your foot is now tilting in the opposite way – you are on your heel as you step off, meaning there is no chance that you will activate the hoverboard accidentally. Another is that your center of gravity is immediately shifted to the foot on the ground which makes you much more stable.

Time to ride

Okay, not that you know what you need and also how to get on and off the hoverboard it is time to start riding. The first thing you should do is find your balance. Get on the hoverboard the way we told you to do and just stand there. The biggest problem people have with hoverboards is that they are too afraid they will fall.

So just stand on the hoverboard for a minute or two and get a feel for it. You will quickly understand how stable these things are and get over your fear of falling down.

Moving forward

Moving forward may feel tricky at first, but it is incredibly intuitive and quick to get a hang of. All you need to do to start moving is slightly lean forward. By lean forward we mean that you have to do a full body lean. Remember how Michael Jackson used to do it in his performances? That is what you need to do. Except only the first 5% of the lean and not the crazy lean that only MJ could pull off so gracefully.

As you start leaning the hoverboard will start moving. They start gradually to make sure you do not fall off. Many people fall off the hoverboard at this point, and it is very easy to see why. Inertia always makes balance tricky. Since you go from stationary to moving your body takes a few seconds to adjust.

The first few times the hoverboard starts moving you will want to grab on to something to stay balanced. This is also how you will end up falling. Just suppress this urge and you will be fine. Remember, the hoverboard is self-balancing. It will not let you fall unless you force it to make you fall, which is exactly what people do.

When you want to stop simply stop leaning and the hoverboard will stop as well. This will seem very hard in the beginning. You will dread falling down. However, it only takes a little time before you get the hang of it. Then you will be able to zoom around all you want without worrying about falling down.

You will be leaning to move forward without even thinking about it. The reason leaning works so well is that we lean forward when we walk as well. Thus it is a very natural action to do on a hoverboard as well.


You turn the hoverboard through your toes. If you want to move left, press your toes on the left side. If you want to turn right, you use your right foot’s toes. It is as simple as that. The harder you tilt your foot on the hoverboard, the harder the turn will be. It is a bit scary in the beginning but since the top speed of these hoverboards is so low there is no real danger.

One thing you need to practice is the angle of the turn. You need to see how sharp a turn your hoverboard can make when needed. It will only take an hour or so of riding before you are doing all of this without even thinking about it. The better hoverboards in the market are great at turning while the cheap hoverboards have a large turn radius.


You know now everything you need to know about riding a hoverboard. We are sure you are surprised at how short the actual riding part of this guide was. Well, that is because hoverboards are so easy to ride. Those are all the instructions that you need. The only thing left after you have done everything mentioned in this guide is to practice. Only practice will make you better. You will be able to execute sharp turns as well.

If you press the opposite side of the foot by tilting it backwards it results in a sharper cut. So if you want to turn left, press down with your left toes, and with your right foot tilt so your heel presses the board. We would not recommend this move at full speed unless you are fully comfortable with the hoverboard.

Once you know how to ride it you will want to explore new places you can take it to. If you go for walks regularly and love seeing your surroundings you will love roaming around on the hoverboard, going further than you have ever before. Hoverboards are a great mobility tool and they are very fun as well.

If you are planning to buy a hoverboard for your child make sure they are old enough. They should have road sense, which for hoverboards means having the sense to never take it out on a road! Make sure the kids know how to ride it and give them safety gear as well. Hoverboards are very intuitive, everyone in your family will be able to ride one without any issues.

Also, remember that hoverboards can only support a limited amount of weight. A slightly overweight adult should be okay but anything more than that may cause problems. All hoverboards tell you their maximum weight capacity in the specifications so make sure you read them carefully.


Why Need a Hoverboard- How Its Helps Kids

‘Purpose’- if you’ve been feeling lost lately, or having a feeling in your gut that something’s missing, then, that something is most likely, purpose, or the lack there of. If you do, that’s okay, no judgments here! But, you won’t be doing yourself any favor staying that way.

Countless people walk through life engulfed in the feeling of numbness, and desperate to find their purpose. For these folks, the days seem to shoulder together, and with time, they become inured to the feeling. The feeling of walking around with a sense of emptiness inside.


Finding Your Passion

One way of dealing with that lingering emptiness is finding something you are passionate about. Put down the Xbox controller and get a hobby, something you enjoy doing. The truth is, our modern lifestyle is so hectic that it not only leads to higher levels of stress, but also forces us to camp out in front of the TV set after the day is through. That’s what we call leisure time. Lather, rinse, repeat. Driving to work means spending hours stuck in traffic, so where once leisure time meant going out in search of more satisfying pursuits, nowadays, people would rather bury their heads in their phone or indulge in a non-stop Call of Duty marathon.

A hobby is a great way to bring joy to one’s life, keep the mind sharp, and expand your creativity. In short, hobbies easily add interest to one’s life and fill them with a sense of purpose.

It’s true that more and more people are restless and unhappy because they’ve lost touch with the great outdoors. For those who want to pursue an engaging hobby that allows them to get out of the house, the obvious option is to get  a hoverboard.

What’s a Hoverboard?

A hoverboard is a two-wheeled electric device that is more commonly known as a self-balancing scooter. The name ‘hoverboard’ was made famous by a certain movie trilogy, where it levitated, allowing the rider to fly a few inches over the surface of the ground.

While the hoverboards of reality come nowhere close to flying or levitating, they have managed to pique the interest of many fans of the movie and technology enthusiasts, who although twitch with churlishness on the idea that the hoverboard cannot levitate, but are nonetheless excited with the self-balancing scooter.

In fact, hoverboards are all the rage these days, and has been at the top of the gift list during the holiday season. Back in 2015, CNN voted the hoverboard as one of the coolest new technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Since then, countless companies have come up selling their own versions of the hoverboard.

They have graced the stage at late night shows and award shows. And it’s easy to see the reason why whoever rides the hoverboard has waxed lyrical on self-balancing scooter.

How Do Hoverboards Work?

A Hoverboard functions pretty much like a powered skateboard. It consists of a platform situated two wheels where the rider can place their feet. The only difference is the rider can stand facing the direction they are going in, rather than having to stand sideways like when riding a skateboard.

The motor of the hoverboard is powered by a large lithium-ion battery, which enables it to move forward, along with a gyroscope that helps the hoverboard maintain balance.

The fastest hoverboard is able to reach a top speed of 13 mph, which is scary fast! Normally, a hoverboard moves at a speed of 7.4 miles per hour, which is quite enjoyable, and one of the reasons why many people prefer to move around using a hoverboard.

Not a Passing Fad

Having a hoverboard is unlike anything you’ve ever bought. Not only does it give off an air of science fiction-esque allure, riding on one will easily make you the coolest cat on the block.

This, coupled with the fact that the trendy two-wheeler actually gets you out of the house makes it the perfect tool to cut through our sedentary lifestyle. But, there’s so much more to riding a hoverboard than what meets the eye.

Move Over, Standing Desk

So, we all know that sitting all day is likely to get you type 2 diabetes or a heart attack. That’s because sitting burns very few calories (duh!).

This major problem for office workers prompted the invention of the standing desk, which is basically a height-adjustable desk that allows you to stand while you’re working. It has been proven that standing more and sitting less is good for your health.

But, who really wants to stand while they’re preparing a PowerPoint presentation. Ever tried punching in your company’s account information on your laptop while standing? Point is, you probably wouldn’t be thrilled if your boss showed you the new standing-desk in your office. Good luck standing all day!

On the other hand, a hoverboard allows you to stand while you’re travelling short distances. Rather than, having to sit in your car and drive to the convenience store down the street.

You get to use the hoverboard to make quick runs for the groceries. How does this tie into your life’s purpose? You ask. Well, being unhealthy has a lot to do with the miserable feeling we get sometimes.

Keeping that in mind, a hoverboard is a great way to keep both your mind and your body healthy. That said, it should in no way be used as a substitute for working out at the gym.

It’s Relaxing

Ever seen someone not having fun on a hoverboard. The answer is never. That’s because using a hoverboard, whether it’s to move around in the college campus, or just walking your dog is always going to be enjoyable.

Engaging in activities that you like can easily lower your stress level and take away that feeling of emptiness and boredom. It’s normal for people to get so engrossed in doing something they like that they completely forget about the negative thoughts that were worrying them just a few moments ago.

Riding a hoverboard can do that for you. By learning how to balance on a hoverboard you will definitely feel a sense of accomplishment, and suddenly, you will find that your life has more meaning than you had expected.

The same goes for other hobbies such as gardening or panting. The more time you spend doing the things you love, the more relaxed you will feel. In the case of riding a hoverboard, you get to take advantage of not only working your mind, but your body as well.

Get Some ‘Me Time’

So, you’re smart, competent and valued by your company. Good for you. But, when was the last time you took a vacation? Or did something fun during the weekend? (Self-loathing at the bar doesn’t count as me- time). Chances are, you can’t even remember the last time you took the day off to relax or do something fun. Many employees, looking to climb up the corporate ladder, wear ‘being a workaholic’ like a badge of honor, however, working too much can take a serious toll on one’s life.

If you find it hard to log out of work, then it won’t be long before you see the signs of heart disease or blood pressure creep in. This is why it’s important to relax every once in a while and take some me time for yourself. In fact, taking some me time is very beneficial for those who work long hours. Taking some time out to learn how to ride a hoverboard can be one of the best ways of spending some time with yourself. Learning to ride a hoverboard is not only a hobby, but a way to escape from the daily grind of having to work in a 9 to 5 job.

Be Healthy

Being healthy plays a big part in having a fulfilled life. If you don’t have your health, then nothing really matters, no matter how many cars you have parked in the driveway.

One of the many ways riding a hoverboard can help you is by keeping your mind and body healthy. First off, to move forward while on a hoverboard you have to use your legs. This means you get to stay active while riding a hoverboard, which is far better than driving around in a car.

While hoverboards are by no means fitness devices, the act of using one itself means that you are giving your body a kind of workout.

After all, standing on the hoverboard itself can keep the leg muscles active, while having to balance on the hoverboard can give your abs an unexpected workout.

The act of balancing on the hoverboard means you will be strengthening your core abdominal strength, which has got to be a good thing.

Learn to Balance

Needless to say, moving around on a hoverboard also comes with the risk of falling forwards or backwards.

While nobody in their right mind would look forward to falling forwards or backwards while riding the hoverboard, it will force you to not only learn how to balance,

but maneuver the hoverboard without falling over and hurting yourself. Hoverboards are nowhere near as fast as the super-fly skateboards out there, riding it still requires a certain level of dexterity on the part of the rider. This gives you the opportunity to polish the grey matter in your brain whenever you ride the hoverboard.

Keep Your Brain Sharp

As we grow older, the cells in our brain known as neurons start to lose the tree-branch like connections that are made between them. These connections are essential for so many functions and more importantly, they are essential to thought.

Over time, the brain has the tendency to lose its heft, which means you have to find out a way to lengthen the process dramatically. Contrary to popular belief, the best way to keep your brain sharp is not calculus or the chaos theory, but rather learning new skills.

While learning how to drive a tractor is not something most people have on their to-do list of things they want to learn, getting yourself a hoverboard and learning how to ride it seems like a great idea for sharpening the brain. Along with its cool appearance,

the hoverboard can also easily keep your brain young and healthy. In fact, the first time you ride on a hoverboard will be unforgettable even though you may find it a bit dizzying at first. Since learning to balance on a hoverboard is all about training your agility, and physical flexibility, it automatically keeps your brain young, as you grow older.

Be Creative

Having a hobby is of no use if you’re not going to be creative. When it comes to creativity, nothings comes close to learning how to perfect a certain skill. For beginners, learning how to balance on a hoverboard will be the first box to tick off their list.

Those who have got the knack of riding a hoverboard can start to be creative with their new-found skill. The versatility of the hoverboard allows the rider to be creative in a number of ways. You can learn a new dance routine that you can do on your hoverboard.

There are dozens of videos online of people using their hoverboards to create new dance moves and then showing their skills off. Of course, you will have to be careful not to hurt yourself while coming up with those new moves on the hoverboard.

However, for those who want to play it safe, that’s fine as well. All you have to do to be creative with your hoverboard is figure out new ways of using it. For instance, you can use the hoverboard to move from one part of your home to the next if you are living in a large house.

Those who are working in certain occupations where they are always on the go can also make good use of the hoverboard.

Keep in Shape

Riding a hoverboard can also be useful to burn those extra calories. Don’t take our word for it, just take a look at the many YouTube videos out there on people actually doing aerobics with their trusty hoverboard in tow. In fact, riding the hoverboard for just 30 minutes

every day can help you burn up to 250 calories on average a month. However, this number is said to differ according to the shape of the hoverboard you use. For those who always wanted to take on aerobics as a hobby, using the S-shape hoverboard can help you burn the most calories after riding the hoverboard for just 30 minutes. This is the equivalent of riding the cycle for one hour.

Do Your Part for the Environment

And finally, hoverboards are an eco-friendly way to commute from one place to the other. Riding the hoverboard does not have any negative effects on the atmosphere since it works on electricity.

The chargeable batteries can be juiced up by connecting the charging adapter to a wall socket. After a single charge, the hoverboard can travel for up to 10 miles. But, the distance you are able to travel with your hoverboard will all depend on the brand, your weight and the condition of the roads you’re travelling on.

Also, different models of hoverboards have different size batteries which also has an impact on the distance you are able to travel.

However, the point is, using a hoverboard to travel is a lot better for the environment than driving a scooter or a car.

This alone can make you feel a lot better, knowing that you’re doing your part for the environment. Keeping this in mind, it’s safe to say that riding a hoverboard is by far, the safest and most eco-friendly mode of transportation of any vehicle that powered by a motor.

It doesn’t emit any air pollution or cause any harm to the environment, making it a great way to promote good health for yourself and others.


Hoverboards or Electric Skateboards – Which Should You Choose.?

Whenever you get into comparisons between hoverboards and old-school skateboards, there is always going to be one winner. And it is going to be the hoverboard that comes out on top. However, when it comes to comparing hoverboards or electric skateboards,

the scales are a bit more finely balanced. For most people, it all comes down to convenience and ease of use. While for others it is about the design and cost of the product. There is no doubt that hoverboards have been accepted as the future of personal transport. And if you are looking to buy one in the market, you will find no shortage of options.

But electric skateboards have also started getting attention. Perhaps not on the same scale as hoverboards, but they are still getting rave reviews. Hoverboards are more appealing to the general public because of their marketing and advertising, even featuring in movies.

Let’s be honest, when you think about hoverboards, you instantly picture the sci-fi masterpiece in Back to the Future. In comparison, an electric skateboard doesn’t have the same ‘magic’ attached to it. But the modern hoverboards don’t necessarily fly or hover like it was shown in the movies.

For some people hoverboards and electric skateboards are the same thing, with the only difference being in their designs. They both function in the same manner, so it all comes down to specifics when comparing the two self-transportation gadgets. This makes it harder to compare between the two.

It should be said that electric skateboards don’t have the negative reviews of exploding or catching fire when someone is riding on them or when they are being charged. The modern hoverboards don’t have that problem anymore, which is why their popularity numbers have soared. But for someone that is looking to purchase a self-transportation gadget, which one should they choose?

Both are loads of fun, and have their own pros and cons. We will consider those in more detail in this article. Before we do that, let’s check out what are electric skateboards, before we start comparing them with hoverboards.


What is an Electric Skateboard?


Electric skateboards look and feel like regular old-school skateboards when you look at them. But there is considerable difference between them. An electric skateboard is propelled by an electric motor, and is controlled by an RF remote, making it easier for you to commute without tiring yourself out.

In the old-school skateboards, you must propel the board forward using your own body’s force. This provides you with a good workout, it can tire you out quickly.

An electric skateboard on the other hand doesn’t require the rider to steer or move the board forward with their own body weight. Most of these boards are designed for local transportation, but there are now more options available, as manufacturers come out with ‘Off Road’ models.

These are designed for people looking for a new thrill sport. The Off-Road models can easily travel on dirt, gravel, hard sand, and grass, with some people even taking them to the beach.

The one thing that is working in electric skateboards right now is that they aren’t bound by any laws and regulations, since governments don’t see them as a threat to people. Hoverboards have been heavily regulated after the controversies surrounding them, and even though the newer models don’t come with the same defects,

the government still hasn’t lifted restrictions from them. We aim to provide people with the complete picture in response to the debate between hoverboards or electric skateboards, so that they can make a suitable choice moving forward.

The only reason most people don’t consider buying an electric skateboard, is because they don’t have any experience riding a skateboard. However, these same people never think that they don’t have any experience in riding the two-wheel hoverboards as well. With an electric skateboard, you don’t have to manually kick and push the board forward, since it will power electrically by itself.

The difficult in kicking, balancing, and then standing upright on the skateboard isn’t easy, and can lead to falls. However, with an electric skateboard, you can easily manage that, since it is remote powered, and all you must do is stand upright, and let the electric motor do its job. You don’t need to learn how to skate to purchase an electric skateboard, and with a bit of practice you will even start pulling off tricks on it.

So, now that you know a little bit about electric skateboards, let check how they compare against the modern hoverboards. Let’s get into hoverboards vs electric skateboards:

Hoverboards versus Electric Skateboards


·        The Speed

Hoverboards generally hover at speeds of about 7.5 mph to 8 mph (12kmh), which pales in comparison to electric skateboards that generally clock at 18 mph (29kmh). The speed of electric skateboards is way faster than hoverboards, but for most people, speed really isn’t that much of a deal breaker.

The reason electric skateboards are faster is that they are easier to navigate and maneuver than hoverboards, because you balance and bend your knees by maintaining good stance. It is like riding rollerblades that are taped together, which is the same as hoverboards.

The winner in this comparison is: The Electric Skateboard.

·        The Weight

While most people may be surprised that electric skateboards are faster than hoverboards, they won’t be when they find out that hoverboards are heavier. This is because they have bigger batteries, and come with additional features. The general weight of a hoverboard will be around 23lbs (10.5 kilos), and carrying it around in a backpack is going to be hard work.

You don’t need to worry about such a problem with the electric skateboard, which tend to weight around 10lbs lighter than hoverboards. The average weight of the hoverboard is about 13lbs (nearly 6kg), but there are some models that are heavier. If the weight of the transportation gadget is a deal breaker for you, then electric skateboards come out on top here.

The winner in this comparison is: The Electric Skateboard.

·        The Design

Most people will say that there isn’t much to choose between hoverboards and electric skateboards, since to most people they are similar in design. However, you must know that hoverboards usually come in two-wheels, with one wheel on each side. There are generally two different pedals that are working independently on similar sides, and to move it in the direction you want, all you need to do is lean towards that side.

Electric skateboards function in a different way, and when you come to the design, they resemble old-school skateboards. There are two different designs available in electric skateboards right now, and the most popular one is the four-wheel skateboard that resembles the old-school skateboard.

There is also a one-wheel option, which is more innovative but harder to balance. It features one-wheel in the center of the board, instead of having wheels on the corners.

For most people, design is a big deal breaker, and hoverboards clearly hold the advantage over electric skateboards in this comparison.

The winner in this comparison is: The Hoverboard.

·        The Charging Times and Range

Charging times is another area of importance when comparing hoverboards with electric skateboards. The times vary depending on the model and make of the travel gadget, and these can range from 60 minutes to more than 4 hours.

Some models of the electric skateboard require charging for more than 5 hours, and will give you a ride that lasts for nearly 9.5 miles (15km), while in other models you can skate for nearly 7 miles (11km) on just one hour of charging.

Hoverboards generally tend to provide longer distance rides on a single charge, and that makes them preferable for a lot of people. The hoverboard only requires a charge of 1 hour or 2 hours depending on the model, and allow you to ride for an average distance of 15 miles (25km) on a single charge. It is clear from those numbers that there is only one winner in this comparison.

The winner in this comparison is: The Hoverboard.

·        The Specs and Performance

Now let’s get down to the most important part of the comparison, which is the specs and performance of the board. This is where we measure the performance of the boards and look at how their specs add up. It is important to note that each device has its own unique features, depending on the model and make.

So, if you want a fair appraisal of the specs and performance, you must choose the models you want to compare and then look at their individual specs and features.

However, when you are looking at advanced technological specs, and performance the hoverboard has loads more features to offer than electric skateboards. While hoverboards don’t beat the electric skateboard in speed and weight, they leave them behind when it comes to specs and performance.

The major difference between hoverboards and electric skateboards is that hoverboards are more adept on uneven surfaces, and the easier balancing on the board, you get a smoother and more pleasant experience compared to an electric skateboard.

The winner in this comparison is: The Hoverboard.

·        The Cost

When it comes to the cost figures, hoverboards are cheaper than electric skateboards, which is why their popularity numbers are going through the roof. If you have a bigger budget, it makes sense to buy an electric skateboard, but even then, you will not be able to enjoy exceptional features and the unique design of the hoverboard.

There are different benefits offered to riders of hoverboards and electric skateboards, and depending on your personal preference you should choose the one best for you. However, if you don’t have the budget for an electric skateboard, you should choose to get a hoverboard, because it is more fun.

The winner in this comparison is: The Hoverboard.

·        The Learning Curve

There are lots of people, who have no problem learning how to a ride an electric skateboard or a hoverboard, but for others it can be a struggle. If you have never stepped foot on a skateboard, you will find an electric skateboard daunting, but the case would be the same for the hoverboard. However, hoverboards have a slight advantage over electric skateboards, since they come with training features that allow riders to practice their balancing skills.

Electric skateboards are more challenging to master, especially the one-wheel model, and they aren’t recommended for children. Learning how to ride an electric skateboard will be more difficult, because some don’t come with training features, and you will fall a few times before getting it right. If you’re looking for an easier learning curve, and more riding convenience there is one clear winner.

The winner in this comparison is: The Hoverboard.

·        The final count

So, if we compare each category and list the results down, we come down to a clear winner, and that is the hoverboard. We want to make it clear that we love riding electric skateboards as well, but if we were recommending a self-transportation device to a newbie, we would recommend the hoverboard.

Differences and Similarities between Hoverboards and Electric Skateboards


Hoverboards and electric skateboards are selling like hot cakes on the market right now, and there has been a lot of debate between what is the better choice out there. For the most part, electric skateboards haven’t gotten the attention that hoverboards have garnered.

This is mostly down to the fact that electric skateboards are viewed as like the old-school skateboards with not much to offer otherwise. There are lots of different things you must consider when comparing hoverboards and electric skateboards, and manypeople tend to get confused by the differences between them.

The reason it is difficult to choose between a hoverboard or electric skateboard could be down to the fact that even though they have different features, they serve the same purpose. You will find loads of options in terms of designs when looking at hoverboards and electric skateboards.

However, making the choice between them can be difficult, which is why we are going to cover the differences and similarities between electric skateboards and hoverboards.

The Hoverboard


When it comes to talking about a hoverboard, you will find that it is a complex piece of technology, since it includes self-balancing technology that is designed to make the experience easier for riders. Most manufacturers are adding cutting-edge technology to hoverboards,

with plans of hoverboards that will be able to fly and hover in the future. Zapata Racing, owned by Frank Zapata has already revealed a prototype of their hoverboard, The Verge, which is designed to allow people to fly.

Once it hits the market, it is expected to change the dynamics of hoverboards completely, and sales are going to go through the roof. In the meanwhile, the non-flying self-balancing hoverboards are incredibly popular in the market, and were one of the bestselling Christmas gifts this.

Riding it gives you the impression that you are hovering above the ground, which is why it has been named as the ‘hoverboard’. We wanted to make it easier for everyone to differentiate between electric skateboards and hoverboards. So, let’s check them out:


1.      It uses sensors

When you are riding a hoverboard, it has a special sensor mechanism that allow the rider to move the hoverboard in any direction. You can easily change direction by applying your weight to one part of your body, which will alert the sensors.

2.      Can conveniently be stored away

You can easily store the hoverboard when you aren’t using it, since they come in an easy to store shape. It makes the board easier to store underneath your office desk, or carry it with you on a family trip in the trunk. Most people have even started carrying their hoverboards in backpacks.

3.      Performance

It is very hard to beat hoverboards in terms of performance, especially after the new regulations placed on them. They are made for all terrains now, which is something that you won’t find in electric skateboards. You can take your hoverboard on grassy places, gravel, and dirt roads easily without experiencing a bumpy ride or risk a fall.

4.      Cost

The cost is where hoverboards beat electric skateboards, since they are more economical and available in more variety. The diversity and range of options available in hoverboards means that you can easily save money buying a hoverboard, instead of spending over a thousand dollars for an electric skateboard. The main difference in the price is down to the technology used in hoverboards.

Electric skateboard


You may think that the electric skateboard is a better choice than the hoverboard, but when you look at the comparison and differences between the two, they are worlds apart.

1.      Speed

The speed of a hoverboard is less than that of an electric skateboard, which is mainly down to safety features that come with the hoverboard. An electric skateboard can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h, while the fastest that a hoverboard can go is around 20 km/h.

2.      Cover less distance

Electric skateboards may go faster than hoverboards, but they don’t run for as long. Hoverboards have a better battery, which allows them to travel for a longer distance on a single charge, compared to electric skateboards. That makes hoverboards more convenient, since they are fully charged in a couple of hours, while you must charge electric skateboards for longer hours.

3.      Engine

The electric skateboard has a more powerful engine than the hoverboard, and this is because the skateboard is designed to provide more speed. If speed isn’t your thing, then you should choose a hoverboard instead of an electric skateboard.

The Similarities


There isn’t much to choose between hoverboards and electric skateboards, since both operate in the same manner. This makes it trickier to compare them, but when we looked at both devices in close quarters, we could find some big differences. There are lots of similarities between them:

1.      They function similarly

Hoverboards and electric skateboards have the same function, which is to take riders from destination to another, without the need for any physical force. Both devices are powered by battery powered mechanisms that power the boards.

2.      The engines are similar

The engines that propel the hoverboard and the electric scooter are the same, since both must perform the same function. However, the differences lie in the manufacturing process, and the engine power that electric skateboards have over hoverboards.

3.      Names are similar

In some countries, the names of the electric skateboards and the hoverboards are the same, which tends to confuse people. In Asia, all electric two-wheel devices are called hoverboards, while they call electric skateboards, as scooters. The first hoverboards that were launched in the U.S. were also known as scooters, and this further confused people, as they couldn’t differentiate between the names.

4.      Producers are similar

In general, the producers and manufacturers of hoverboards and electric skateboards are the same, which makes it even more confusing for people to differentiate between the two.


It is obvious that major game manufacturers aren’t going to be releasing a game about hoverboard tricks on the PlayStation. However, that is the entire point of the hoverboard, it isn’t meant to be a luxury gadget to perform stunts, but a self-travel device that aims to revolutionize traveling.

That is the way it is being marketed, and with future hoverboards expected to fly, who knows, there might even be a game about flying hoverboards being released.

If you want to purchase a self-balancing transport device, our recommendation would be to purchase a hoverboard instead of an electric skateboard. The reasoning for our choice comes down to the overall performance and cost between the two machines.

It should be noted that there are rules regarding hoverboard riding in public places in some cities, so make sure that you check the local rules and regulations regarding hoverboards in your city and state before buying one.


Everything you should know when commuting on hoverboards

If you have decided to commune on a hoverboard then congratulations – you are ahead of the curve. Many people think of hoverboards as a toy for kids, not realizing the immense potential it has as a mobility tool. What is funny is that all technology is treated like this in the beginning. There was a time when parents would by kids computers as a Christmas gift, thinking it was a good toy for them. There was a time when people thought cellphones were stupid, because who needs a phone on them at all times? People also thought the email and internet shopping were fads.

What we are saying is that society in general is terrible at predicting what will work and what will not work. Everyone seemed to think that Segway would end up revolutionize the world, yet see how that turned out. We don’t even remember the last time we saw someone on Segway who was not a security guard in a mall. Now the same people who were hyping up Segway are ignoring how hoverboards are everything that Segway tried to be.

Why hoverboards are the perfect commuting solution

So, what makes hoverboards so revolutionary? Well, here is why they will end up becoming the best way for your daily travels.

Very affordable

Unless you live right next to your office or school you need a way to get to it. Now let’s look at the many different ways one can get to their class or work. Public transport is easily the best way in most ways, the problem is that public transport isn’t really available everywhere. Aside from some dense urban environments there aren’t really good public transport options available to people. Often the bus stop is so far from your home and the bus stop you have to get off on is so far from your destination that public transport.

Compare buying a car to buying a hoverboard and you quickly realize that there isn’t even a comparison. You could probably buy 50 hoverboards at the average price of a new car. Hoverboards are also cheaper than bikes. Sure, you can get bicycles that are cheaper but you have to use your own energy to ride them. They are good for your health and are a productive way to get around but they make you tired. If your job requires physical labor you do not want to exhaust yourself on the way to work.

See why hoverboards are the future of commuting? They are so affordable that most people can buy them.

Ease of use

Hoverboards are the easiest personal mobility tool to learn and use. Remember how hard it was to drive a car in the beginning? We need classes and licenses for driving and still so many people drive the wrong way. Learning how to ride a bicycle is hard. It is easy once you get it but it seems impossible in the beginning. The same is true for motorcycles. Skateboards are hard too.

Hoverboards, on the other hand, only need a few minutes of practice. An hour of riding and you are practically a hoverboard expert. It is the easiest mobility device to pick up and learn. If you buy one for your family your whole family will know how to ride the hoverboard by the end of the day. It makes it easier to make it possible for everyone to be independent.


Hoverboards aren’t just easy to use, they are also the safest way to get around. Bicycles are unsafe unless you live in a place with bike lanes and even then someone may hit you. We all know how cars can be dangerous. Motorcycles may be the single most dangerous way to get anywhere. You are sitting completely unprotected on a machine that can run incredibly fast. One bump and you will be in the worst accident of your life.

Hoverboards, on the other hand, are very safe. Their top speed is 15mph. Do you know how much it hurts when you hit something at 15mph? It doesn’t hurt at all. The only thing you have to worry about is running into something and falling down, because falling down is the worst thing that can happen to you when you are on a hoverboard. You don’t have to worry about the cars around you. Hoverboards are used on the sidewalk, they aren’t on the road at all, so all the dangers of the roads are away from you.


This is a big one. It is much more responsible to commute on a hoverboard than it is to take a car. It is easy to see why. Just look at your car. It is a huge machine. Most of us commute alone. One whole car, with its powerful gas guzzling engine, and its incredible weight is just overkill to transport just one person. Think about how inefficient you are being if you take your car to work and if you go alone. If you have four other people sitting with you then it isn’t inefficient, but a whole car just for one person? It is definitely a bad use of the limited resources we have here on our planet. Motorbikes are much better but even they run on gas.

Hoverboards, on the other hand, are incredibly efficient. They move one person at a safe speed and that is it. They use the minimum amount of energy possible to make their battery last. You cannot find a better way to get around if you count environmental impact. Bicycles are better but that is simply because they don’t require power at all. There are no powered mobility solutions available that are more efficient than hoverboards. The amount of energy you use to go to the office one day in a car will easily be able to power more than a month of using a hoverboard to do the same. There isn’t even a comparison, there’s that much of a difference between the two.

Things you need to know before commuting on hoverboards

So we have covered why you should use a hoverboard to commute, now let’s talk about the things you need to do in order to do it right. Here is what you need to know.

The laws in your city

Hoverboards are legal to use and there are no hoverboard related laws in most places. There are, however, some places which have rules about hoverboards. Generally it is the smaller cities with small governments that enact such laws. You will not find any federal or state level laws about hoverboards, because hoverboards don’t cause enough of a problem for them to get involved.

The laws regarding hoverboards do not ban hoverboards; they just govern where you can use them. Some cities have chosen to ban hoverboards in parks. Some ban hoverboards in specific areas where they are concerned about security, like places which have government buildings. However, there is no template for hoverboard related laws. They don’t exist in most places and when they do exist they differ a lot. Before you start commuting you need to find out what the laws are in your city about hoverboards. You need to find out if there is any area which comes in your commute which you will not be able to traverse on a hoverboard.

Also, make sure that you are allowed to ride these on hoverboards. That is also a weird legal grey area where a cop may ask you about your usage of the hoverboard on the sidewalk. They may be confused about it themselves if your city doesn’t have a lot of people using hoverboards. Knowing the law will mean you can clear their confusion and go on riding your hoverboard without any issues.

It may sound complicated but it isn’t. All you have to do to make sure everything is legal is Google ‘’your city’s name hoverboard laws’’ and whatever the laws are will be in the search results. It will take you only 10-15 minutes to find out all the laws and it will save you a lot of hassle, so make sure you do it.

How long is your commute?

As great as hoverboards are, they are still a new technology. Their batteries aren’t powerful enough for them to be used the whole day. That is why you need to look at how long your commute is. If you drive for 10-20 minutes in a day you should be able to substitute the car for a hoverboard without any issues. However, if you drive on the freeway or if you drive for an hour then you cannot use a hoverboard to commute. If it takes you an hour to reach work in a car, it will take you considerably longer on a hoverboard. Cars can go much faster than hoverboards and they often have the shortest route as well. So make sure the length of your comment doesn’t make it unreasonable.

Then there’s the fact that you have to worry about charging. The first thing you need to do is test the hoverboard and how long it runs for. Do not just believe in the specifications. They may tell you that the hoverboard will run for 1 hour. But you don’t know under what conditions that specification was measured. You don’t know if the battery in your hoverboard is of a lower quality than the one that was used to test the hoverboard for the specifications. You don’t know how heavy the person riding the hoverboard was. Heavier people need more power which shortens the duration your battery can handle.

There is a very easy way to measure the actual life of your battery. Just ride around your house doing fun things until the batteries run out. Time it when you start riding and when the batteries run out. Congratulations, you know now exactly how far you can travel with your hoverboard. If your commute is longer than the charge your hoverboard can handle then there is nothing you can do.

We would recommend keeping a margin of 10 minutes. If your hoverboard can handle 60 minutes of riding and it takes you 50 minutes to get to work, you can use it. Anything less than that is not acceptable. You never know what traffic you may run into or anything else which may happen, which is why it is always nice to keep a safety margin when measuring such things.

The better, more expensive hoverboards are much better at this. They are made by legitimate companies who do proper testing. When you measure the performance of a cheap hoverboard and compare it to the specifications in its product manual you will find a lot of discrepancies. However, when you test a hoverboard from a company with a good reputation, you will find your product is the same as what the instruction manual says. They will not be exactly the same, since you did not test them in a factory the way they did, but the differences will be slight. This is how you know you bought a high quality hoverboard. Only bad hoverboard manufacturers fudge the numbers.

If you are really committed to using a hoverboard for your commute you can try getting a more hardcore hoverboard. There are many expensive hoverboards with greater battery capacities than the cheap ones. If you are willing to pay a bit more then you will be able to get a hoverboard which covers your commute.

Where can you charge it?

This one is very important. If you plan to use your hoverboard to commute you need a way to charge it as well. Otherwise it will be too inconvenient for you to use the hoverboard to commute. If you go to a place where you do not have a charging point, we recommend not using the hoverboard at all. You never know when you may have to travel a bit extra. Being out of juice is a very real problem. If you take it to the office there isn’t any trouble. You will not have a problem finding a safe place in the office to leave your hoverboard on charge.

Leaving it on charge in a public place like a university is just asking for it to be stolen. However there are many universities these days which offer charging stations, so find out if you have access to any of those. Again, this information should be easily available with a single Google search.

We would highly recommend buying an extra charger and leaving it in your office. If you have only one charger you will have to carry it around with you. The worst part is that we are forgetful people. You may forget it in the office, which will mean that you cannot use the hoverboard to go to the office tomorrow. If you leave it at home then you may not be able to use the hoverboard to go back home again. That is why you need to make sure that you have a charger not just at home but at your destination as well.

Don’t worry about the cost. Chargers are very cheap and can be easily bought off the internet.

Do other people use hoverboards to commute?

This part is very important. You need to find out if anyone uses a hoverboard to commute. This is easy to detect as well. The next time you are riding a bus or driving to work just keep an eye on the sidewalks. If you see anyone using a hoverboard you are in luck.

Why is it important? It all goes back to the way our cities are designed. Old cities, back before cars were invented, were made to be traversed on foot. If you go to Europe, which has cities much older than what you will find in most other places on earth, you see this problem firsthand. Even in major cities like Paris there are old areas which have streets so narrow that it is impossible to take a car there. Those places were designed before cars were invented, which is why it is inconvenient to use cars in such places. Modern cities are made with the assumption that you will be using a car to get around, which is why they are so convenient to use.

Now, every city we have right now was made before hoverboards were a thing. They were are not designed for hoverboard usage at all. (Side note. Can you imagine how fun it will be if a city was made with the assumption that people will get around on hoverboards? Just smooth sidewalks instead of roads. People moving freely. It would be great.) This means that the policies, the construction, the infrastructure – all of it is not being done with hoverboards in mind. This creates certain problems.

What problems does it create? Well, there are many surfaces you can walk on but you cannot use a hoverboard on. Maybe the sidewalks end at some places and there is a rough patch you walk through. Maybe there is tall grass on some of the areas for walking, which doesn’t play well with hoverboards. The most common problem however are bumps. Bumpy sidewalks are not a problem at all for people who are walking. You just feel the bumps with your feet, it doesn’t impede your ability to move. It is important because it means that bumpy sidewalks are not a priority to fix and may remain that way for years.

This is a problem for hoverboard owners because it means that there are sidewalks which may be too bumpy for them to ride on. These may not be repaired for years. This is why you need to find out if anyone else commutes to your workplace. Even better than looking at the sidewalks would be to just ask the person guarding your office/school if anyone comes in on a hoverboard. If they tell you that they have seen people do it ask them who they saw.

Then you go to that person and ask them how the experience is. If they tell you that they do not face any problems you are good to go. If they do face some problems you can ask them what measures they take to solve those problems. This will allow you to figure out how to safely use your hoverboard to commute.

If you do not find anyone then you will have to go on a journey of discovery yourself. It is easy to do. You will just have to account for the fact that you may need to find another way to travel if you face a problem. Just wake up earlier than normal one day and leave home earlier than normal. Do this to make sure you have extra time to deal with any unexpected problems. Just ride it to your workplace and see how it goes.

This is all you need to know to commute on a hoverboard as an adult. All it takes is one day of exploration and you will know all the problems you can potentially face.  Also, remember that hoverboards can only support a limited amount of weight. A slightly overweight adult should be okay but anything more than that may cause problems. All hoverboards tell you their maximum weight capacity in the specifications so make sure you read them carefully.


Best Hoverboard Tricks You Can Learn Easily

Ever since hoverboards came on the market, videos of people doing awesome and impressive tricks on it have blown up. The videos are everywhere! Go to YouTube and type “Hoverboard Tricks” and you will come across several mind-blowing tricks.

Do you wish to learn hoverboard tricks and blow people’s mind away?

You can perform a variety of hoverboard tricks. Now, you do not have to master the hardest tricks straight away. Start small. Learn to perform easy tricks before you make your way to the big leagues. Nail down the easy hoverboard tricks first before you attempt to the hard hoverboard tricks.

Gradually, you will make your way up there. For now, you can admire the difficult hoverboard tricks and go “wow” and study how to perform easy hoverboard tricks. Keep in mind, even the easiest tricks take time to master.

Take our advice:  Do not give up easily! Don’t be a quitter. Be a winner!

Enough of the motivational pep talk because it is time to tell you about the best and easiest hoverboard tricks to perform. Practice learning and performing the following hoverboard tricks:

1.    The Stork

We hope you have perfected maintaining your balance on your hoverboard or you have bought one of those self-balancing hoverboards. We are going to assume you are a beginner. If you are, you need to become comfortable at performing the basic hoverboard actions.

To perform this hoverboard trick, place one foot on one side of the hoverboard. Your foot needs to rest on the hoverboard’s bumper. You are going to begin to spin slightly, but do not freak out. Keep your composure and do not lose control.

Gently, take one foot off the hoverboard. You need to maintain this stance. You will need to keep yourself afloat for a few seconds. When you get the hang of performing this hoverboard trick, you can remain afloat for far longer. For now, try performing this trick in intervals for a few seconds.

2.    The Magic Carpet

If you saw the movie “Aladdin,” you are familiar with the magic carpet, one that flies him and his friends around. Let’s just say the hoverboard is a modern version of the magic carpet. Therefore, we call this hoverboard trick the magic carpet.

Even though you will not be literally flying — don’t worry, one day we’ll get there also — it will feel as if you are flying high. For this hoverboard trick, you need to place your shins on top of your board’s footpads. Keep your feet flat behind you and lean forward slightly until you can balance on your knees.

Balancing on your knees is not an easy task on a hoverboard and you will need to try balancing on your knees several times or else you will not be able to fly on your board. Once you can balance on your knees, it is time for the hard part — lifting your feet off the ground.

You need to perform this move in a spacious area with nothing breakable or fragile nearby. You will be falling off your hoverboard several times before you can successfully fly the magic carpet.

3.    Bounceback

The bounceback is one of the easiest hoverboard tricks to learn and perform. You need to move forward then jump backward quickly while moving one foot in both directions. You will not find this hoverboard trick difficult to perform, especially if you have perfected your balance on your hoverboard.

4.    Sitting Spin

The sitting spin is a hoverboard trick that was especially invented for lazy people. What’s ironic is that even though this trick is performed sitting down, it requires a lot of practice to maintain your balance in the sitting position.

Lazy people wanting to master this trick will need to put in a lot of effort, but hey, it will be worth it. Begin by sitting down on the hoverboard lengthways with your bottom placed on the footpads and your feet on the wheel.

To perform this hoverboard trick, tilt sideways. When you tilt, your hoverboard will begin to spin. Remember to hold your knees as you spin to prevent yourself from losing your balance and falling off the hoverboard. You also need to practice this hoverboard trick in an open space.

5.    Swirl

The swirl is one of the coolest and most impressive hoverboard tricks to perform. If you nail the swirl, you will leave people amazed and astounded with your awesomeness. To perform this hoverboard trick, you need to take one of your feet off the hoverboard, putting it behind your floor while moving your hand on the same side as your foot on the wheel cover of the hoverboard.

By resting your hand on the wheel cover of the hoverboard, it will help you maintain your balance as you perform a backward and forward circular motion with your foot. When you start spinning in a circle, you need to take your foot off the ground, pointing it outwards.

6.    Swivel


You might have seen the swivel hoverboard trick in dance videos. If you wish to perform this hoverboard trick, you need to move either backward or forward. To perform this hoverboard trick, shift your weight from one side to another in a figure eight motion.

When you perform this motion, it feel as if your hoverboard is going to turn, but before that can happen, you need to shift your weight one more time. You can practice this hoverboard trick by listening to music. You can shift your weight from side to side with the beat of the music.


7.    Roundabout


Another easy hoverboard trick to perform is the roundabout. This hoverboard trick is extremely easy to perform. You need to crouch down and lean to one side of your hoverboard in a circle. Hold on to your hoverboard’s wheel cover on the same side to stabilize and balance yourself.


8.    On and Off Curbs

On and off curbs is another easy hoverboard trick you can learn. Again, you will only find this trick easy to perform if you have mastered maintaining your balance on your hoverboard. Otherwise, this trick will require more practice to perform successfully than necessary.

If you prefer to ride your hoverboard outdoors, you should learn this hoverboard trick. For this hoverboard trick, you need to keep one wheel of your hoverboard on the road and the other wheel on the curb, thus the name on and off curbs.

9.    The One Sided Spin

The one sided spin is an advance level trick. If you have mastered the stork, you can move on to practice this hoverboard trick. In this trick, you are not putting your feet at one side of the hoverboard to spin around, but you are alternating your feet as you spin.

It will take a few tries until you nail this trick down. You can perform this hoverboard trick in front of your friends and family to leave them impressed and amazed at your ability to effortlessly spin on the hoverboard while you change your feet from one side to the other.

10.  The One Armed Spin

The one armed spin is another advance level trick. This is a challenging hoverboard to learn, but if you are determined to learn this trick, you will become good at it eventually. This trick tests your balance. To perform this hoverboard trick, you need to crouch down on your board.

Swap places with your foot, placing one hand on one of the footpads instead of your foot. For instance, you will exchange your right foot with your right hand and left foot with your left hand. With your hand, you will press down as you lift your feet behind you. In doing so, the hoverboard will begin to spin, thus the name one armed spin. You will be spinning on your hoverboard with one hand on it and one foot off it.

11.  180 Degree Turn

The 180 degree turn, an advance level trick, requires you to rotate your hoverboard. To perform this hoverboard trick, you will rotate your hoverboard as you jump up a few inches in the air. You need to face the front of your hoverboard. After you jump up and rotate the hoverboard, you should be facing backwards.

When you jump up in the air, you need to land on the footpads. Otherwise, this hoverboard trick will not work. To perform this hoverboard, you should know how to perform the basic level hoverboard tricks before you attempt this trick.

12.  360 Degree Turn

If you have successfully mastered the 180 degree turn, next, you should attempt the 360 degree turn. In the 360 degree turn, you return to the same position as you started with. This is a difficult hoverboard trick to learn, but it is not impossible to learn.

Once you can turn on your hoverboard, you can try this hoverboard trick. You need to perform this trick on a long and flat street and start going forward. Shift your weight to make a turn, but without stopping your hoverboard. This will enable you to make a complete 360 degree turn.

13.  Lean Back

The lean back hoverboard trick adds to the 360 degree turn. It gives you speed and makes it easier for you to execute more than one rotation of the hoverboard. To perform the lean back, you need on your hoverboard and turn the same way you would turn in the 360 degree turn.

With the only exception being that this time you are bending your leg as you turn and placing the leg straight out to the outside so that you are leaning as you spin on your hoverboard. In short, your leg corresponds to your foot that is pushing outwards to execute the hoverboard trick.

When you get good at performing this hoverboard trick, you will be able to rotate more than once. You will pick up speed with this hoverboard so try not to panic if you find yourself gliding down the road fast. Just focus on the trick to perform more than one rotation.

14.  The One Eighty Jump Spin

The one eighty jump spin an expert level trick, but you have mastered all the one above, this will seem a like a piece of cake to you. You need to perform this trick in a safe environment to prevent injury and damage to the surrounding area.

You should practice this hoverboard trick in the presence of your family and friends so if you require assistance, they will be there to help you in case you injure yourself. To perform this hoverboard trick, you need get on your hoverboard.

Relax your body and muscles. Even though relaxing your body and muscles the first few times you perform this hoverboard trick will not be an easy task, as you will be tensed, but you can try. Next, bend your knees and twist your feet.

In doing so, this will make your hoverboard spin. As the hoverboard spins, you need to jump up in the air. A small jump in the air, not a big one, as you need to stabilize your landing before you begin to jump higher off the hoverboard.

You will know you have mastered this hoverboard trick if your hoverboard begins to spin 180 degrees. When you jump up, you need to make a smooth landing with your feet landing on the footpad. If you want to succeed at performing this trick, you need patience and effort.

15.  The Tootsie Roll

The tootsie roll is an expert level trick. For this hoverboard trick, you cannot rely on just balance alone to perform it. Personal discretion and timing are key factors in this hoverboard trick. You need to perform this hoverboard trick in the presence of your friends and family in the event you hurt yourself.

Ensure the area you are practicing this hoverboard trick is free of clutter and fragile items. To perform this hoverboard trick, quickly glide forward on your hoverboard. Now, hop backward off your hoverboard. This will cause the hoverboard to roll over.

Allow the hoverboard to roll away from you until the footpads are facing upwards. Next, jump back on the hoverboard. You will need to perform this several times before you can pull it off. You might injure yourself, but don’t worry, just a few scratches and bruises here and there.

As long as you practice this hoverboard trick in the company of people and in a hazard-free environment, you will not hurt yourself too bad.

16.  The Handstand

The handstand is another expert level hoverboard trick. If you have managed to perform the one eighty jump spin, the handstand should be next on your list to perform. The one eighty jump spin is a perquisite to the handstand. If you have not mastered the one eighty jump spin, you will not be able to perform the handstand.

To perform the handstand, you require excellent balance and coordination. Do you know how to perform a handstand? You place your hands on the floor to stand up straight in the air. You will be doing the same thing, except this time, on the hoverboard.

Put your hands on the footpads of the hoverboard to perform this trick. Before you attempt the handstand on the hoverboard, you should attempt performing a handstand a few times on the floor to get a hang of it.

If you do not know how to perform a handstand, you will have a difficult time performing this trick. First, learn to perform the handstand on the floor before you attempt it on the hoverboard.

Will Performing Hoverboard Tricks Damage Your Hoverboard?

If you have bought a cheap hoverboard with poor quality batteries, your hoverboard may catch on fire caused by the faulty batteries exploding or becoming extremely hot. If you want to practice performing all these incredible hoverboard tricks, you need to invest in a hoverboard that meets the UL 2272 safety requirements.

Buying the cheapest hoverboard on the market is not always a good option, as it can be a knock-off, made of cheap and low quality parts and material. When you are searching for a reliable hoverboard to learn and show off these amazing hoverboard tricks, you need to conduct research to find a hoverboard from a well-known and popular brand, known for designing premium quality hoverboards.

If you buy older models of hoverboards, you might find them inexpensive, but still high quality. It is also a good idea to buy a hoverboard that comes with a one year warranty in case your hoverboard malfunctions.

If you want to practice these tricks to music, you can invest in a hoverboard equipped with Bluetooth. Pair your smart phone with the hoverboard to play your tunes as you practice these awesome tricks. If you want to play more safe while you are practicing these hoverboard tricks, you can wear protective gear such as a helmet, gloves, elbow pads, and knee pads or you can practice on a soft surface such as grass.

Safety Tips to Follow While Riding Your Hoverboard and Performing Tricks

Apart from wearing protective gear, here is a list of other safety tips you need to follow when riding your hoverboard and performing tricks:

Not everyone can ride a hoverboard. Small children should not ride hoverboards meant for adults and vice versa as it can cause an injury or damage the hoverboard. Elderly people — no matter how youthful they are at their age — should avoid riding a hoverboard.

They have fragile bones and they can easily fall down from the hoverboard, causing an injury. Moreover, every hoverboard states it can support a certain weight. You should always select a hoverboard that can support your weight.

Don’t ride your hoverboard in crowded areas. You should not ride your hoverboard in crowded areas. If you still have not gotten the hang of riding a hoverboard, your chances of falling or running into someone else are high. You do not want to injure yourself or others. Only ride in public and in crowded areas when you can maintain your balance and have been riding a hoverboard for some time. The same goes for showing off your tricks on the hoverboard. You only want to show off the tricks in public when you have completely mastered them, not before. You risk making a fool of yourself and injuring yourself and others.

Do not use your smart phone. You use your smart phone to call, text, browse the internet, or listen to music. If you have not fully mastered riding the hoverboard, you should not listen to music. Even though most hoverboards come with Bluetooth speakers and a remote control to help you listen to music and control and monitor other features via your smart phone, you should avoid it until you can do it safely.

However, you should avoid using your smart phone to text, make calls, and browse the interest, as it can cause you to become distracted and crash your hoverboard. Be careful and hover.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you are an experienced skateboarder, you will not find it difficult to ride your hoverboard or master the tricks mentioned here. If you are not an experienced skateboarder, but aspire to learn these hoverboard tricks, you need to practice as much as you can without giving up.

It might take you several months to master some of these hoverboard tricks, but if you are determined to learn, you will master each trick. Most importantly, do not compete with your friends or family members who have already perfected nailing down these hoverboard tricks. They may have been riding hoverboards longer than you have.

Everyone learns at a different pace. So practice each day. Start with practicing the easy tricks first and then move on to practicing the advanced and expert level hoverboard tricks. Before you know it, you will be showing off your hoverboard skills to a crowd, applauding your killer moves!