Types of Hoverboards Available Right Now

The market for hoverboards keeps growing with each passing year. Manufacturers keep feeding on people’s need for high-tech and innovative hoverboards. A search for hoverboards will reveal several kinds of hoverboards — each one with its own unique feature and quality. So how do you decide between different types of hoverboards available?

When you search for a hoverboard in the market, you need to consider several factors as well as your preferences before you buy and start using it to travel from here to there. To make the right decision, you need to review the different kinds of hoverboard available in the market right now. To help you make your decision, some of the things we will look at include:

  • By size
  • Additional features
  • Categories
  • Popularity

Size Matters

10-inch Hoverboards

10-inch hoverboards are far better than the original 6-inch hoverboards. What 10-inch hoverboards have that 6-inch hoverboards don’t have is versatility. The 10-inch hoverboards have inflatable rubber tires, allowing you to ride it effortlessly on the roads.

With a 10-inch hoverboard, you can ride it on various terrain — sand, gravel, and grass! The downside to riding a 10-inch hoverboard is its big wheels. The addition of the big wheels on such a large hoverboard decreases its torque level and makes it difficult for you to climb up steep surfaces.

Even then, they are recommended for people who require a hoverboard for their daily commutes. They offer you both stability and comfort. When riding a 10-inch hoverboard, you will have better control over the hoverboard, thus making this hoverboard an ideal option for beginners new to hoverboards. On top of it, this hoverboard offers you maximum comfort.

A Popular 10-inch Hoverboard:  the Segway miniPRO

Types of Hoverboards

The Segway miniPRO is equipped with 10.5 inch pneumatic tires. Pneumatic is a cover featuring a rubber tread pattern, designed to withstand all types of road conditions while protecting the wheels against loss of air pressure and puncture.

To improve holding grip and comfort, the hoverboard features an adjustable padded knee handle bar. The handle bar also provides you with increased control and stability over the hoverboard, thus allowing you to ride it with ease.

8-inch Hoverboards

Hoverboards with 8-inch wheels is an hoverboard that is neither too small or too big, it is just right! It is the perfect size for people looking for something in the middle. You can ride the hoverboard on all types of roads and can climb up steep surfaces.

A Popular 8-inch Hoverboard:  The Skque X8

Types of Hoverboards

The Skque X8 features 8-inch wheels and is a hands-free hoverboard. With this hoverboard, you will receive Bluetooth capabilities, LED lights, and rechargeable battery. Its lightweight design and remote control system allows you to ride the hoverboard like a pro.

This hoverboard also offers maximum riding stability due to its self-balancing technology that detects your position with a green light indicating you are set to go. Its 8-inch wheels offers you a smooth, comfortable, stable, and safe ride.

6.5-inch Hoverboards

Hoverboards, featuring 6.5-inch wheels, remain a popular choice among most people. People prefer these hoverboards for a multitude of reasons with most common ones being their low cost and increased mobility. Their lightweight design, weight no more than 30 pounds, has helped them found a market among children.

For an adult, the 6.5-inch hoverboards are not comfortable to ride. People who want to purchase a hoverboard for their child should order the 6-inch or 6.5-inch hoverboards. If you want to buy one for yourself, opt for either the 10-inch or the 8-inch hoverboard.

 A Popular 6.5-inch Hoverboard:  The LuckySaw

Types of Hoverboards

The LuckySaw offers increased stability for the rider, allows them to go 10.5 miles per hour, and climb up steep surfaces with ease. It sports a stylish futuristic design and a longer battery life powered by Samsung.

To recharge the battery to full, it takes around eighty minutes instead of the usual four to six hours most hoverboards offer. Made from premium quality materials, the hoverboard is water-resistant. It can carry a weight of up to 265 pounds.

Unique Features on Hoverboards

Hoverboard with Speakers

Hoverboards with built-in Bluetooth speakers will keep you entertained the entire way to your destination. You can connect them to your smartphone and play your music or listen to a podcast. Most hoverboards have high quality speakers that produce good enough sound so you will not be disappointed.

Hoverboards with LED Lights

Types of Hoverboards

LED lights on hoverboards have become the new trend among manufacturers who want to create a flashy hoverboard, one that turns heads when you ride it. They add LED lights to hoverboards to help people navigate in the dark or use them as indicators to let the person know when they can ride it.

LED lights are also used as battery indicators, allowing the rider know when the hoverboard is less battery or when it is fully charged to ride. Some hoverboard even feature customizable LED lights. You can choose from a wide range of colors.

Hoverboards with the UL 2272 Certificate

Hoverboards with the UL 2272 Certificate ensures that manufacturers obey safety laws and regulations. When hoverboards first came out, reports of hoverboards emitting smoke, exploding, and catching fire, among other incidents were everywhere.

To ensure incidents like these do not repeat themselves, manufacturers began to create hoverboards that met the safety regulations. Now, hoverboards need to pass several tests and even they fail even one, they cannot be released on the market, until they clear all the tests. For this reason, you need to opt for safety by checking to see if the hoverboard is certified for the UL 2272 Certificate.

Types of Hoverboards Separated by Category

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Ranks as the Best

Types of Hoverboards

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 ranks as the best in hoverboards due to several different reasons, one being its manufacturer’s experience in designing scooters and small vehicles to help people travel from one location to another.

The Razor, certified for the UL 2272 Certificate, meets the safety requirements established by the industry for hoverboards. To ensure the safety of the rider, this hoverboard has two riding modes — a training mode and a normal cruising mode.

The hoverboard features two LED lights, an LED battery life indicator, and fender benders. You can travel eight miles per hour on the Razor, thanks to its 350-watt dual hub motors. When you are riding on the hoverboard, it auto-level system will ensure a smooth, flawless, and effortless ride. People of all ages can ride this hoverboard both in the house and on the street.

EPIKGO All-Terrain Scooter Ranks as the Safest

Types of Hoverboards

The EPIKGO All-Terrain Scooter is a hoverboard designed keeping the rider’s safety in mind. Certified for the UL 2272 Certificate, EPIKGO is by far one of the safest hoverboards to ride. This hoverboard has passed all the fire and safety tests to ensure a safe ride.

When you are on this hoverboard, there is no surface and terrain that you cannot ride safely. This hoverboard can handle all types of road conditions, from mud, sand, dirt, grass, to puddles. To make riding all types of surfaces and terrains possible, the manufacturer has added 400-watt dual motors to it with wheels that 30% bigger than other hoverboards.

On the hoverboard, you can travel more than ten miles than an hour. Charge the hoverboard one time to ride it for one hour. Other qualities that make this hoverboard a great buy is that it is water-resistant and can climb up 18 degree slopes without any trouble.

Koo Hoverboard Ranks as Budget-Friendly

Types of Hoverboards

The Koo Hoverboard is a budget-friend hoverboard. If you are searching for a hoverboard that is easier on your pockets, opt for this hoverboard. Do not underestimate the hoverboard to lack in features just because it will not cause a dent on your bank account.

This hoverboard meets the UL 2272 Certificate for safety, features a built-in Bluetooth speaker, allows you to travel more than six miles per hour, can carry weight of up to 220 pounds, weighs 22 pounds, making it a lightweight option, and can climb up 15 degree slopes.

Segway miniPRORanks for its Long-lasting Battery Life

Types of Hoverboards

Making the list again is the Segway miniPRO. This hoverboard does not look anything like its competitors because it is equipped with a knee steering handle bar with the most important feature being its long-lasting battery life.

You can travel fourteen miles per hour on the hoverboard without needing to recharge it. Its battery life is not the only thing the hoverboard is lauded for among people. The hoverboard features 800-watt dual engines that takes you ten miles per hour. You can even listen to music while you are riding your hoverboard because it comes with Bluetooth speakers.

Connect the hoverboard to your smartphone to listen to your favorite tunes. The hoverboard’s Bluetooth app also features an anti-theft security system, an option to customize, LED light control system, and software update.

Halo Rover Hoverboard:  Ranks as Best for Children

Types of Hoverboards

The Halo Rover Hoverboard is considered as one of the best hoverboards to buy for children. This hoverboard meets all the safety requirements and regulations. For this hoverboard, rough and uneven terrains are no match for it.

When riding this hoverboard, you can select from three different riding modes — learning, normal, and advanced. Children riding a hoverboard for the first time can first learn how to ride it, ride on normal settings, and when they get the hang of it, they can become advanced hoverboard riders, riding it at a faster speed. Children will also enjoy the hoverboard’s Bluetooth capabilities, allowing them to control the music via a Bluetooth app that will pair with their smartphone.

EPIKGO Sports Plus:  Ranks for its Speed

Types of Hoverboards

TheEPIKGO Sports Plus is one of the fastest hoverboard on the market. With a speed of up to twelve miles per hour, this hoverboard is ideal for people with a need for speed. Helping it move at such fast speeds is its 400-watt dual engines and wheels with high tread patterns that improves acceleration, torque, and performance.

With this hoverboard, you can climb slopes of up to 30 degrees. Its battery life is impressive as well, allowing you to ride for over an hour on a single charge for around twelve miles. Like all the hoverboard on this list so far, this one also meets the UL 2272 safety requirements.

Impressive Hoverboards Available on the Market Right Now

1.    Skque X1/I Series – UL2272

Types of Hoverboards

The Skque X1/I Series – UL2272is the reigning king of hoverboards. This hoverboard can support up to 264 pounds and balances on 10-inch wheels that will not let you down in terms of traveling from one location to another due to how smoothly and effortlessly they ride on various surfaces.

Powered by a premium quality battery, this hoverboard will not explode or catch on fire. The UL 2272 certified hoverboard is made from tested material to ensure durability, longevity, and performance.

Since the hoverboard is made from high quality material, you will not have to worry about it sustaining a scratch or crack. Another great feature of this over the top hoverboard is its built-in Bluetooth system that allows you to play loud music. Just connect it with your smartphone to enjoy music on-the-go. You can safely travel on your hoverboard at night. Its bright LED lights will guide the way and alert others of your presence.

2.    Official Halo Rover Hoverboard

Types of Hoverboards

The Official Halo Rover Hoverboard, equipped with 8.5-inch wheels will not cause you any trouble when riding it on snow, street, sand, mud, and uneven terrain. Even though this hoverboard does not come cheap, it is worth the money. Unlike other low quality hoverboards, this hoverboard is built to last.

The UL 2272 certified hoverboard will not overheat, short circuit, or experience charging issues. If you enjoy listening to music in your car, you will not have to give up your love for music to ride this hoverboard. This hoverboard allows you to listen to music. Connect your smartphone to the hoverboard built-in Bluetooth speakers and press play.

If you are a beginner who is just learning to ride a hoverboard, change the mode to learning. Once you start getting a hang of it, you can change it to normal mode and then advanced mode. You will also not have any trouble mounting this hoverboard, as it is designed for stability.

3.    Genesis H1 Gemini Hoverboard

Types of Hoverboards

The Genesis H1 Gemini Hoverboard comes with several premium features. The hoverboard is safe to use and is made from durable materials to ensure it does not malfunction. This hoverboard features Bluetooth technology. Connect your smartphone to the hoverboard’s Bluetooth system to listen to your music.

If you like speed and range, you will like this hoverboard because it offers both. Equipped with a rechargeable Li-ion battery, it allows you to travel twelve miles per hour in a single charge. Cruising speeds of this hoverboard is ten miles per hour.

You can effortlessly turn around tight and narrow obstacles and corners. You can mount the hoverboard with ease due to its lightweight and simple design. When you are riding the hoverboard, you can easily track and monitor the speed, battery life, and trips by downloading its free application on your smartphone. To ensure you remain safe and visible at night to other coming in your direction, the hoverboard features bright LED lights.

4.    XtremepowerUS

Types of Hoverboards

The XtremepowerUS is a superior quality hoverboard with the ability to handle up to 220 pounds. Both children and adults can ride this hoverboard because unlike other hoverboards, this one can handle the pressure.

To ensure the hoverboard offers you a safe ride, it is equipped with a UL certified Li-ion 4.4Ah battery. For a full charge, it takes around two to three hours. You will also not experience any issues with the battery due its durable design.

This hoverboard features 350-watt hub motors that will not overheat or malfunction, but keep on performing effortlessly for several years. The hub motors are the reason why you can take this hoverboard out on a spin on different types of terrain where it can reach speeds of eight miles per hour. You also do not have to worry about slipping off the hoverboard due its non-slip and heavy duty platform.

Designed from premium quality material, this hoverboard will not sustain wear and tear easily. If you are someone who considers design, you will love it attention-grabbing and stylish design. Its design also provides you with good handling and improved speed.

5.    SURFUS

Types of Hoverboards

The SURFUS, certified for UL, sports a water-resistant design, which gives it the ability to deliver an exceptional performance on various terrain. The hoverboard is equipped with an electrical system that will not explode or malfunction over time.

When you mount this hoverboard, you will not fall down, as it allows you to maintain your stance once you are on it and riding it due to its sturdy built. Made from premium quality plastic, you will find yourself using this hoverboard for many years to come.

Equipped with rubber wheels and thick aluminum rims and non-skid footpad, the hoverboard will not wobble when riding on uneven, rocky, sandy, wet, and muddy terrains. This hoverboard reduces the risk of you slipping and injuring yourself.

People who are searching for a dependable and sturdy hoverboard for their daily commutes should consider getting this hoverboard. This hoverboard is also easy to turn due to its lightweight design. However, this hoverboard is not as fast as other hoverboard.

It can go six miles per hour and at full charge, it can ride up to twelve miles per hour. If you need to travel long or short distances on your hoverboard, this is the hoverboard for you. To ensure you are safe at night, the hoverboard features blue LED lights. At night, other motorists will be able to see you riding your hoverboard.

6.    Jetson V8 All Terrain

Types of Hoverboards

The Jetson V8 All Terrain features adjustable speed settings. This hoverboard is equipped with a 400-watt dual motors. It can travel at the speed of ten miles per hour, and can handle up to 231 pounds.

This hoverboard is equipped with a superior quality battery, tested and proven as safe and UL certified. The battery will not overheat or malfunction as time passes by and allows you to travel for up to twelve miles per hour at only half charge.

If you think you will have trouble mounting and riding this hoverboard, think again.  This hoverboard is easy to mount because it has independent gyros that provide you with improved balance and control.

When you are riding this hoverboard, you can easily shift your stance to turn it in a specific direction. You will also not meet with a lot of difficulty when riding this hoverboard on different terrains. As stated before, it offers adjustable speed settings.

If you like slow or fast speeds, you can adjust it. This gives you more control over the hoverboard, which is a plus. Another plus is its built-in Bluetooth system. Connect your smartphone with the hoverboard’s music system to play your favorite tunes.

You will need to download their mobile app to play music from your device. Through their free mobile app, you can check your travel log and how much battery is remaining. To ensure safe travels at night, the hoverboard features LED lights that enhance visibility for both riders and motorists coming in your direction. Other features that ensure your safety are its non-slip foot pedals and durable 8.5-inch wheels that allow you to travel on all types of terrain.

When you are searching for a hoverboard for yourself, you should look at safety, motors, range, durability, and additional features. If you intend on traveling to various destinations on your hoverboard, you should consider battery life. You do not want to find yourself running out of battery midway through your journey. Go ahead and buy one of the aforementioned hoverboards for yourself or give it as a gift to your child.