Myths About Hoverboards –

Despite the fact that hoverboards have been around for quite some time, there are some myths regarding them which can make one apprehensive about getting their own Hoverboard.

As is the case with myths, they can quickly become a primary source of misinformation and tend to give rise to a lot of prejudices. With the hoverboard, there are a lot of

Unfortunately, these myths can spread like wildfire, making one assume a lot. To help you and others around you make the right decision,

we have taken the time to de-bunk the most popular myths surrounding hoverboards. The following are the common misconceptions one has and the actual truth that is hidden behind these myths and misconceptions.


Hoverboard Myths

Myth 1: They are Unsafe – Can Increase Chances of Accidents

Many people believe that hoverboards are extremely unsafe and can be harmful to you.

This is because when the boards were introduced, they were accompanied by a lot of fanfare. While there were glowing stories of joy from users,

there was also plenty of criticism being thrown at hoverboards as users did experience some problems.

In fact, even celebrities have tweeted about having accidents, while other users have complained of having painful injuries and even having to deal with hoverboards that either stopped working in a few weeks or spontaneously combusted.

This gave a general feeling of considering that the hoverboard is not safe for use.

The Truth

On the contrary, hoverboards are extremely safe and shouldn’t be actively avoided. While you can experience bumps and bruises when you’re just starting out, it is a good idea to consider that just like riding a bike; you can expect to fall down every now and then.

With proper safety gear such as knee-pads and elbow-pads and a helmet, you can keep yourself safe. Just like with any bike, skis and even more, you can expect to face the same learning curve and deal with the same problems, until you get the hang of it.

As for hoverboards that stopped working or caught on fire, it is a good idea to consider who you bought the board from. A cheap board will have poorer components as well as a shoddy battery that will not only leak but also increase the chances of catching on fire.

It is also recommended that even if you have bought the hoverboard from a reputable dealer, you have to avoid over-charging it. This can weaken the battery, shorten its life and also make it more prone to catching on fire.

Myth 2: They are High Risk – Accidental Damages

When it comes to accidents related to hoverboards, there are plenty of videos found on social media platforms of people crashing into something.

While this might be hilarious to view, it also makes one more apprehensive about buying a hoverboard for themselves or for their kids. Considering the high costs that come with buying a good quality hoverboard, one can easily look at the wastage of a hefty sum.

The high risk it is associated with makes buying a hoverboard seem like a waste and whether your kids are asking for one or you are considering getting one, it tends to make you want to change your mind very easily. You also have to factor in the cost for the damage.

In some cases, you can only harm yourself but in other scenarios, as seen in videos, you can also easily cause considerable damage to the property too. This just increases the risk factor as well as the cost factor.

The Truth

Hoverboards are not high risk as long as they are used responsibly. That doesn’t mean that it has no risks involved. In fact a person can be faced with accidents, bruises and bumps but not of the kind that are show on videos.

The kind of accidents that are shown in videos are usually meant for the gag bit or for laughs so they are usually exaggerated or set up in a manner to be more shocking or extreme. If you use your hoverboard responsibly, there really should be no risks associated with its usage.

It is also necessary to curb your enthusiasm and keep things light, fun and easy when you get the hoverboard. In some cases, you’re so excited that you are itching to start using the hoverboard as soon as possible. However, without properly charging or familiarizing yourself with its controls,

you’re going to face risks. Being responsible with your usage as well as charging it properly and using it in an area where you are not likely to hit obstacles will work in your favor more. Once you have gotten the hang of the hoverboard, you can easily use it without facing any risks.

Myths about Hoverboards

Myth 3: You Need to Have a Lot of Training – Only for Experienced People

This is a rather common myth that perpetuates among people thinking of buying a hoverboard. The common belief is that one must have a lot of training in other sports such as skiing or bicycling or even snowboarding to truly understand and be able to use a hoverboard.

This is one reason why many people will often hesitate to get a hoverboard for themselves or for their kids. Failure of possessing the right skills will mean that the board doesn’t get used, the money spent on it is wasted or that one has to deal with frequent accidents when they are using the hoverboard. It also makes one apprehensive about using or buying a hoverboard due to this factor.

The Truth

There is a reason why the hoverboard is soo popular and it is because there is no training necessary. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find any classes that offer training for riding your hoverboard.

Hoverboards do have a learning curve that can be a bit steep but it is also very easy to master. The ease of use is one of the major factors why hoverboards are great for use and people of all ages can use it with ease.

However, do give yourself time to master the hoverboard before you decide to use it on a busy street. Even used on the sidewalk, the unfamiliar environment, the traffic, distractions and more can be a bit taxing and if you aren’t familiarized properly with the controls of the hoverboard,

this can be a recipe for disaster for anyone. Once you allow yourself some time to overcome the learning curve, the progress you make with the hoverboard will be monumental. Patience is going to be the biggest virtue for you here. The best part is that hoverboards are meant for people of all ages so it is going to be among the best ones possible.

Myth 4: Hoverboards Are Not Legal – Banned for Being Unsafe

As hoverboards have become more commonly used, there have been certain laws and rules introduced to ensure the safety of everyone. However, in some places, the authorities have decided to instead simply ban the usage of a hoverboard. This makes it not only difficult to have a hoverboard; you also cannot use it anywhere other than your house and backyard with ease.

If you were thinking of using the hoverboard as a mobility tool, this aspect will definitely ruin your options since you cannot use it everywhere. Also the fact that they are banned can mean that you will have to be faced with different fines or in some cases, have your hoverboard taken away from you. Luckily, this is just a myth but unfortunately, it is a very prevalent one.

The Truth

The real truth behind the myth is that hoverboards are legal and possessing one is not a crime. What you do have to realize is that there have been certain rules and regulations introduced to ensure the safety of everyone.

Based on the state you are in, these rules might differ but you will be required to have safety gear such as helmet and knee pads when using the hoverboard. There is also an age limit as people who are below the age of 16 years cannot use the hoverboard.

In California, the law allows the use of the hoverboard in the bike lane as long as one has safety gear and does not exceed the speed of 35 miles per hour. Violators of this law can expect to pay a fine of $250 so it is better to be safe than sorry. Similarly, in New York,

Hoverboards are not allowed to be used in public places such as the airport, universities or other areas where one can expect a lot of distractions and high human traffic. As long as you pay attention to the state laws that are in place, you can easily use your hoverboards without any fears.

Myth 5: Hoverboards are Outdated – Just a Hype Tool

When the hoverboard was first introduced, it was something new and made headlines almost every day. Unfortunately, as the novelty of the hoverboard started to wear off, many believe that the hoverboard is eventually going to fade into obscurity. As interest wanes, you might also slowly put your hoverboard away, saving it for some other day.

This makes many people hesitant about buying a hoverboard since they don’t want to spend their money on something that is just a part of the far or a trend.

This usually means that once the trend has finished, the product is just left sitting, collecting dust. With this myth, many people often believe the hoverboard to fall within the same category. For them, buying a hoverboard is more like a bid to show that you’re savvy and up to date with the latest trends.

The Truth

While it is true that the hoverboard was looked upon as a novelty when it was first introduced into the marketplace, it still has plenty of fans and users in the marketplace. While not everyone wants a hoverboard anymore, you can still find the best ones with ease in the marketplace because there is still a slow and steady demand for it.

This aspect also means that you can expect the hoverboard to gain popularity again over the years. Like the classic items such as the yo-yo or the LED sneakers, or the skateboard, the hoverboard is a classic tool that will not be going out of style anytime soon.

While the hype behind the product has disappeared, many people are now beginning to explore the true functionality that is hidden behind the usage of the hoverboard. From hoverboard dancing classes to hoverboard photography and more, you can actually find that people are getting more creative about using hoverboards in fun and exciting ways.

There are even a number of different stunts that you can learn on your hoverboard. Much like a skateboard or a surfboard, there are plenty of different uses for a hoverboard. You can also use it to make a quick run down to the grocery store too.

Myths about Hoverboards

Myth 6: No More Online Hoverboard Retailers – Buying Online is the Best Option

When you want to buy a hoverboard, you won’t come across a lot of retailers so you will have to buy your hoverboard online or search for good hoverboards online. On the other hand, it appears as if selling of hoverboards online is also becoming slowly outdated and you cannot expect to find good retailers everywhere.

Platforms such as and Ebay aren’t very helpful either so you will either have to be lucky enough to find the right hoverboard retailers or opt for alternative options such as buying it somewhere else and having it shipped to you.

With news stories and rumors abounding about how someone bought a hoverboard online, only to have it breakdown in a few uses and being unable to get in touch with their retailer can also make a person more hesitant about buying from online retailers.

The Truth

The truth behind this myth is partially obscured because while it is true that physical stores of hoverboards are difficult to come across, it doesn’t meant that they are impossible to find. The other alternative of buying online is a good option for anyone but care does need to be exercised.

There are plenty of horror stories about retailers, even on and Ebay, who were selling faulty hoverboards that increase the chances of one experiencing an accident of some kind. On this basis, and Ebay have gotten stricter policies regarding hoverboard retailers by ensuring that the retailers who offer hoverboards that are in compliance with industry standards.

Based on this factor, you can now easily buy a hoverboard with more flexibility. Another thing that you should be happy about is that the demand for hoverboard ebbs and flows. This means that their prices can go up when the demand is high.

When demand is low, the prices can also be lowered, allowing you to find better deals. Another interesting factor about hoverboards is that they are constantly evolving. Nowadays you can find hoverboards that have Bluetooth connectivity, LCD lights and even have music speakers to make using them as enjoyable as possible. A good and reliable retailer will be interested in stocking the latest hoverboards and offering interested users with the best.

Myths about Hoverboards

Myth 7: They Make One Lazy

Many people complain about how hoverboards make one lazier. Considering that people like to use them for common things such as getting the mail from their mail box, walking the dog, or going down to the grocery store. When viewed in this light, it is very easy to see the hoverboard as a tool of laziness instead of one that adds more convenience to your life.

This is one reason why many parents will not consider getting a hoverboard for their children. Unfortunately, this thought process isn’t just limited to people with children. Even many adults consider that once they get a hoverboard,

they are going to get lazier and will do everything with its help. Not only will it make them lazy, it will create an unnecessary dependency. In many cases, this is one of the reasons why they often opt not to get a hoverboard since they feel it will ruin their active lifestyle or make them prone to being lazier about their tasks.

The Truth

Unfortunately, much like the segway, the hoverboard carried the stigma of being a lazy tool. This is just because people believe it reduces a person’s mobility, therefore making one lazier. On the other hand, the hoverboard actually is not a lazy tool and engages the entire body’s muscle.

Keeping your balance properly requires the use of your core muscles and making the hoverboard turn or even move forward engages these very same core muscles which play a huge role in improving your overall health.

Using the hoverboard can also be good for your brain and for raising mindfulness and awareness. When you are using a hoverboard, you will have to carefully evaluate the area you are using it in and you also need to ensure that you are maintaining your balance.

From the surface area that you are riding the hoverboard over to the people you will encounter and other situations, using the hoverboard makes you plot out your route carefully. The added mindfulness can also be great for helping one relieve stress. In fact, using the hoverboard for 30 minutes or so can feel like a workout for your legs, your core and your arms too.

Myth 8: Hoverboards use Up Too Much Energy – Waste of Energy

Many people think that hoverboards aren’t just a waste of money because of their high costs; they also believe that using hoverboards means that you are just wasting energy as well. You have to charge hoverboards to use them. Based on the kind of hoverboard you have, a full charge could give you 10 to 20 miles of usage.

On the other hand, for many people, this doesn’t justify the usage of the hoverboard and it is considered to be a waste of energy as well as other resources. Using a hoverboard for them is being lazy, wasting money and resources and shows that one is a spoilt individual. This stigma is similar to one you have to face when you’re making use of Segway too.

The Truth

The stigma behind using a hoverboard and being considered as lazy or as someone who is wasting energy is ridiculous. It is actually the opposite. Making use of a hoverboard actually allows you to go green in the best way possible. It has no carbon emissions like a car and you will not be contributing to air pollution on your commute. This means that much like a bike, you are using an eco-friendly mode of transport. Unlike a bike though, the hoverboard also allows you one factor that bikes don’t allow.

With a hoverboard, you don’t have to worry about parking spots such as you need with bikes and cars. Once you reach the bus stop or train station, you can simply stow away the hoverboard in your backpack. The improved mobility it offers is similar to using a skateboard.

The difference lies in the fact that unlike skate boards, hoverboards allow you to travel 10 to 20 km without facing any problems. You also save money since you don’t have to deal with buying gas. Or have to worry about parking tickets, traffic violations and more.

At the end of the day, the hoverboard actually allows you to save money, go green and be environmentally friendly. If you are looking for a tool that reflects your eco-friendly lifestyle, the hoverboard is actually the perfect addition for you.

At the end of the day, there are always going to be myths circulating about various things, including hoverboards. If you really want to get a hoverboard, then take the time to sift through these myths to get to the truth of the matter. With their help, you can easily ensure that you are making the right decision in choosing to buy a hover board that is a valuable addition to your life.