Hoverboards For Kids With Certification

The New York Post published news about the Consumer Product Safety Commission undertaking an investigation of hoverboard related incidents occurring in nine states in 2015.

The findings of the investigation discovered that batteries as the primary cause for hoverboards catching on fire.

Most of the fires occurred while the user was charging the hoverboard’s battery. In 2016, the UL introduced a safety certification the UL 2272 which made the UL 2272 certified hoverboards mandatory.

The safety certificate assesses the safety standards for the charger, battery, and electrical drivetrain system of hoverboards.

People who want to buy hoverboards should not purchase hoverboards made of low-quality materials and cheap components and parts. Hoverboards priced extremely competitive should raise a red flag.

We recommend you only buy hoverboards from well-known brands. It is possible to find hoverboards at an affordable price range that hold the UL 2272 safety certificate.


The Difference between the UL 2272 and UL 2271 Safety Certificate

The UL 2272 safety certificate is for the electrical system of hoverboards whereas the UL 2271 safety certificate is for the battery of hoverboards. To obtain the UL 2272 safety certificate, manufacturers have to put hoverboards through a series of different tests.

The manufacturer tests the battery of the hoverboard by performing a number of tests. These include impact, over-discharge, short-circuit, imbalanced charging, crush, dielectric voltage, relief tests, mould stress, CT scans, and more. The UL 2271 safety certificate is a test specifically designed to test the batteries of hoverboards.

The manufacturer tests the battery of the hoverboard by performing the water exposure test, immersion test, thermal cycling test, the label permanence test, and other tests. Both tests determine if it is safe for the manufacturer to put their product on the market.

If their product passes all the tests, they obtain both these safety certificates. Thus eliminating the risk of fire, explosion, and other battery related issues. Even though both these safety certificates are essential to obtain, more emphasis placed on the UL 2272 safety certificate. Look for hoverboards with the UL 2272 safety certificate.

Hoverboards with the UL 2272 Safety Certificate

UL 2272 Safety Certificate
UL 2272 Safety Certificate

If you want to buy a hoverboard, you cannot take a chance by opting for a lesser quality hoverboard. In the event they explode or catch fire because of the faulty battery, they can burn the entire house down.

Here are two incidents of hoverboards catching fire and displacing residents from their homes:

  • In Nashville, a family’s house burned down when a hoverboard malfunctioned. The incident almost killed two children
  • In Manchester, a townhouse burned down when a hoverboard malfunctioned. It left 13 residents homeless, causing over $500,000 of damage

The Consumer Product Safety Commission released a report in 2016, stating it received complaints of 52 hoverboard fire-related incidents, generating $2 million in repairs in 24 states. It was after they had issued the UL 2272 and UL 2271 safety certificate for hoverboards. The commission went on to say that these fires could have been avoided if manufacturers had followed the current safety standards put in effect by them.

Do not make the mistake of buying a hoverboard from a manufacturer not in compliance with the UL 2272 and UL 2271 safety certificate. If you do, it can result in devastating consequences for you and your family. To assure you and your family’s safety and reduce the risk of a fire or explosion, here are some popular hoverboards that hold the safety certificates:

1.    Scooter Era Extreme

Scooter Era Extreme
Scooter Era Extreme

The Scooter Era Extreme holds the UL 2272 safety certificate found at the bottom of the hoverboard. Thus branding it a safe hoverboard with a premium quality battery tested to ensure no fire or explosion occurs.

This hoverboard comes with several impressive features such as range, speed, Bluetooth connectivity, weight, size, and more. You can ride this hoverboard for great distances on a single charge. Even connect its Bluetooth system with your smartphone to listen to music as you ride.

You can also switch between three different riding modes — learning, standard, and advanced. If this is your first time riding a hoverboard, we suggest you ride it in the learning mode. As somebody who has ridden a hoverboard before, but are just okay with it, ride it in the standard method. If you are a hoverboard pro, ride it in the advanced mode.

With the hoverboard, you also receive an app, which you can download from the app store or Google Play store. From the app, you can monitor the status of your battery, track your route history, note the speed you are going, and other stats. In addition to this, you receive a carry case. You can ride this hoverboard on, off the road, and on different surfaces such as through puddles.

2.    ScooterERA ONE

ScooterERA ONE
ScooterERA ONE

The ScooterERA ONE is one of the most popular hoverboards among people. When this hoverboard became available on the market in 2017, it gave fierce competition to the Skagway X1 and T1. Declared as safe to ride, the ScooterERA ONE earned the UL 2272 and UL 2271 safety certificate. Its Sentry Shield Battery is a UL 2271 certified battery.

This hoverboard comes with non-slip footpads, weighs 22 pounds, and has a learning mode for beginners and a standard mode once you get the hang of riding it. Its motor system and gear in comparison to other well-known brands offer a more stable and smoother ride.

Equipped with a premium quality battery system, encased in a fire-proof aluminium cavity, you can ride your hoverboard for 7 to 12 miles per charge. A full load takes one hour. Since this is a lightweight hoverboard, you can reach a top speed of 8 miles per hour.

Its all-terrain tires will allow you ride it on several different surfaces with a climbing capability of 30 degrees. To help you ride your hoverboard at night, it features bright LED lights for increased visibility. Some of the tests this hoverboard has been through include a crash test and drop test. On top of all that, this hoverboard comes with a one-year warranty.

3.    Moreover R2

The Moreover R2, one of the most bought hoverboards, has earned the UL 2272 safety certificate for the battery and charger. This hoverboard goes 8 miles per hour, weighs 24 pounds, supports 220 pounds, and has a UL 2272 certified Samsung Lithium-Ion battery.

It takes around 60 to 90 minutes to charge completely and can travel 9 to 12 miles per hour per single charge. This hoverboard is sturdy and durable, has a climbing ability of 20 degrees, and can go over the pavement, dirt, grass, and cobblestones. It also comes with a one-year warranty. You will not have a hard time learning how to this hoverboard, as it is easy to learn.

4.    Ninebot Segway MiniPro

Ninebot Segway MiniPro
Ninebot Segway MiniPro

The Ninebot Segway MiniPro holds the UL 2272 safety certificate. This hoverboard has 10.5-inch wheels, filled with air, thus allowing you to ride it on all types of different terrains such as gravel, grass, and more.

Its all-terrain tires absorb shock, offer increased stability and improved traction, and decrease the risk of skidding. The water-resistant hoverboard, weighing 28 pounds, can travel 10 miles per hour and at a distance of 14 miles on a complete charge.

To provide you with extra comfort, improved control, and precision steering, it features a kneebar, which you can remove if you need to carry it in your hand or store it in your car. You can listen to music while you ride, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity.

You can download the app from your mobile phone’s respective app stores, connect your smartphone to the hoverboard and use the app to control speed, customize light, set the anti-theft alarm, and view its diagnostics.

5.    Swanton T1

Swanton T1
Swanton T1

The Swanton T1 is the UL 2272 certified hoverboard. This hoverboard comes with several different features. The hoverboard sports sturdy and durable rubber bumper on the front with bright LED lights located on the front and back.

Equipped with 300-watt motors powered by a long-lasting battery, you can travel on the hoverboard for 11 miles at a speed of 8 miles per hour. To help you keep track of how much battery you have left before you need to charge it, you can monitor the status of the battery from the multi-level battery indicator. Other features included on this hoverboard are learning mode for beginners, one-year warranty, sentry shield battery protection, and gyroscopic technology.

6.    Swanton T3

Swanton T3
Swanton T3

Just like the Swanton T1, the T3 also holds the UL 2272 safety certificate. The T3 model is one of the most popular hoverboards to buy right now. It sports a high-grade and sturdy ABS plastic and rubber bumpers that can handle shocks and scratches.

It receives its self-balancing quality from the gyroscopic technology. No matter how sharp the turns are, you will not lose your balance while riding this hoverboard. You can install the app by downloading it from your smart phone’s store. You can use the app to record, track your riding history, and monitor the hoverboard’s battery status.

Equipped with a 300-watt motor and lithium-ion battery, you can ride it up to 11 miles at a top speed of 8 miles per hour per charge. This hoverboard is safe to ride, as it has passed tests such as the crash test. It’s available in different colours, black, red, white, gold, blue, and pink.

7.    Hoverson S

Hoverson S is a self-balancing hoverboard and holds the UL 2272 safety certificate. The fireproof hoverboard features two-speed modes. You can switch between the speed models, choosing the method you are most comfortable with, and which suits your riding ability.

This hoverboard features a sensor pedal and gear stabilisation and a powerful motor. You can take your hoverboard on difficult paths and tracks. With it, you also receive a smart battery management system and long battery backup.

8.    Kiwano KO-X

Kiwano KO-X
Kiwano KO-X

The Kiwano KO-X has the UL 2272 safety certificate. It outfitted with a 400-watt dual motor and lithium-ion battery. It has a wheel size of 8.5 inches. You can travel 9 miles at a speed of 15 miles per hour. It is a lightweight hoverboard, made of premium quality aluminium and plastic material. It features three different speed modes so you can choose to ride your hoverboard at speed most comfortable to you.

9.    Surfus Junior

Surfus Junior
Surfus Junior

The Surfus Junior, equipped with 4.5-inch wheels, is a safe hoverboard, as it holds the UL 2272 safety certificate. This certificate complies with the all the safety regulations, making it fire resistance and high-temperature resistance.

This hoverboard outfitted with the gyroscopic technology, motherboard, and acceleration sensors to offer you a stable and smooth ride. It is an excellent choice for children and first-time riders. Since it caters to young children, it travels at a top speed of 3.1 miles per hour. This means you can go 6 miles on one complete charge.

To ensure you do not lose your balance, it sports non-slip footpads. For additional safety, it comes with a bright blue light for nighttime riding and a battery indicator to let you know when you need to remove it from the charge. Remember, overcharging the hoverboard can cause damage to it.

10.  Tomoloo

hoverboard Tomoloo
hoverboard Tomoloo

The Tomoloo has the UL 2272 safety certificate. Both its battery and charger are certified as safe and meet the requirements for the UL safety certificate. It also comes with enhanced battery protection to ensure the battery cools down while charging.

The ergonomic design of the hoverboard makes it a comfortable ride. To prevent falling and skidding due to losing balance while riding, this hoverboard sports non-slip footpads. The footpad offers a solid hold, allowing you to ride and turn the hoverboard through the corner without losing control and balance.

Tests Performed to Certify Hoverboard with the UL 2272 Safety Certificate

  1. 20mm end product flame (This test determines flame resistance)
  2. Crash test
  3. Dielectric voltage test
  4. Drop test
  5. Imbalanced charging test
  6. Isolation resistance test (It tests the isolation transformer)
  7. Label performance test (It compares different products against each other)
  8. Mould stress test
  9. Motor locked rotor
  10. Motor overload test
  11. Over-discharge test
  12. Overcharge test
  13. Shock test
  14. Short circuit test
  15. Strain relief tests
  16. Temperature test (This test determines the product’s failure temperature.)
  17. Thermal cycling test (It tests the effects of extreme differential temperature change)
  18. Vibration test
  19. Water exposer test


Hoverboard Safety:  Here’s What You Need to Know

hoverboard safety tips
hoverboard safety tips

By now, you already know that you should only buy and ride hoverboards that are UL 2272 certified. Unfortunately, you will come across several hoverboards that do not hold either the UL 2272 or/and UL 2271 safety certificate.

One of the first things you need to check for when shopping around for hoverboards is to see if they hold the UL 2272 safety certificate. To ensure you make a safe choice, here are a few tips to keep in mind when buying a hoverboard:

  • Always buy a hoverboard from an online retailer that only sells hoverboards from manufacturers that hold a UL certified for safety. Amazon, for instance, has made this a mandatory requirement. Manufacturers cannot sell their product on their platform unless they have proof they are UL certified
  • When you are buying hoverboards from an online store, you need to read the user reviews
  • Also, make sure you buy a hoverboard from a trusted online store with a return policy
  • One of the first things you need to do when you receive your hoverboard is to inspect it for the UL label. You should find it on the packaging. It is a UL holographic label located at the bottom of the product.
  • You should never overcharge your hoverboard. Even though the latest versions of hoverboards include technology that prevents overcharging the battery. You should still take precautionary measures on your end to ensure you follow the instructions for charging your battery.
  • You should never use a charger to charge your battery that has come with another hoverboard. Only use the charger you received with your hoverboard.
  • Never place your hoverboard next to flammable products while it is on charge.
  • Don’t ever buy a hoverboard from a brand you have never heard of just because it costs less than other famous brands. Since chances are that they probably do not hold a UL safety certificate. They could even be cheap knock-offs of the real thing.
  • Even though most hoverboards state that children 8 and older can ride it, you should check the minimum weight requirements before you allow a child ride a hoverboard.

Tips to Consider When Buying a Hoverboard for Your Child

hoverboard safety tips
hoverboard safety tips

If you are looking to buy a hoverboard for your child, you need to consider factors such as their age before you order one.

You need to buy a hoverboard that specifically meant for children to ride, not adults.

You might find some hoverboards that state they made for both adults and children.

Even then, you need to consider several factors before you order one. Here are some tips you need to follow before you order a hoverboard for your child:

1.    Age

Some children may learn to ride a hoverboard sooner than others do. Everyone’s learning ability is different.

If your child is a fast learner, you can invest in a hoverboard that comes with two or three different learning modes such as learning, standard, and advance.

Kids can learn to ride the hoverboard on learning mode before moving on to the standard method and then finally, advance mode.

2.    Weight

You need to consider your child’s weight. Every hoverboard is equipped to handle a certain amount of weight.

On the safe side, know that the minimum weight requirement to ride a hoverboard is 30 pounds for hoverboards with 6.5 inch and 8.5 tires. And 40 pounds for hoverboards with 10-inch tires.

3.    Safe Usage

You need to make sure the hoverboard you buy holds the UL 2272 safety certificate or/and the UL 2271 safety certificate. Do not buy hoverboards that do not specify the type of safety certificate they hold.

4.    Safety Features

Only buy hoverboards that come with a host of different safety features such as an option to change speed settings.

Even though you might like the opportunity to listen to music while you ride via the built-in Bluetooth speakers, you should tell your children not to wear headphones while listening to the music.

By wearing headphones to listen to music, you will not hear the beep that sounds when you are over speeding.

5.    Size

The size of the hoverboard you choose has more to do with personal preference than anything else. You can buy hoverboards with 6.5 inch, 8.5 inch, or 10-inch tires.

The more robust tires perform better on different types of terrain such as uneven paths and offer a comfortable riding experience than smaller tires.

The Hoverboards of the Next Generation

Here’s what you can expect from the hoverboards of the next generation:

  • Hoverboards will hold a UL 2272 certificate for safety. And if not, ensure they at least keep the UL 2271 certificate for security for their battery, as they are leading cause of fires
  • Boards made of a hard and durable outer body shell to ensure they do not sustain scratches or becomes easily damaged
  • Hoverboards will come with two or three riding modes such as learning, standard, and advanced mode
  • Boards will sport large, non-slip footpads to avoid skidding and accidents
  • Boards will have lithium UL certified batteries
  • Hoverboards in the self-balancing category can travel on a variety of different surfaces such as grass, sand, gravel, and more

If you are searching for a hoverboard to buy, you can either get one of the hoverboards mentioned here. Or look online to find a hoverboard for you. Make sure they hold the UL 2271 and 2272 safety certificate with the latter being the most important.