Must Read Before Gifting Hoverboard

A hoverboard is an excellent gift to anyone. Whenever you give a gift to someone you are hoping to get a good reaction.

You want to be happy and excited about the gift you gave them. You want to give them something that really makes their day better.

Judging by these perimeters hoverboards are one of the best gifts you can possible give. It is guaranteed that they will be excited and will immediately want to ride it.

However there are some things you need to know before you gift someone a hoverboard. You can consider this the ultimate hoverboard gifting guide.


Hoverboard gifting guide: Things to Consider

How much walking do they do

We all want to give gifts that have a long impact. There is no point in giving a gift that will be unwrapped, enjoyed for an hour or two, and then never used again. Not only does it mean that you’ve wasted your money, but it also says that you should have maybe gifted them something else.

Hoverboards are very cool to have, but many people have hoverboards lying in cupboards they haven’t used in months. Now, one important thing here is what the aim of your gift is.

If you want to make the gift receiver happy and don’t care about how they use the gift in the long term, then you can ignore this part. Sure, maybe only use it for a few hours, but they are happy with your gift, and isn’t that the only part which you should care?

However, if you want to give a useful gift and are thinking about gift hoverboard you need to think about how much the recipient of the hoverboard walks. Hoverboards are not a replacement for any vehicle. You cannot be expected to replace your car with a hoverboard. It is a replacement for walking. Anyone who walks a long distance should get a hoverboard.

A hoverboard may turn their 20-minute exhausting walks into a 5-minute ride that doesn’t even make them sweat. So if the person you know walks to work or school, then the gifting hoverboard is perfect.

It isn’t outdoor walking you should care about – indoor walking is essential too. You can use hoverboards indoors without problems. They perform better indoors than they do outdoors.

If the person you are gifting hoverboard to spends a lot of time walking around the workplace or school the gift will be great for them. Using hoverboards indoors is safer than outdoors and also more convenient. It is also a lot more acceptable since everyone around you probably knows you.

People who don’t go for walks may still enjoy the hoverboard – it may be the thing which brings them out of the house to explore their surroundings. If that is the effect of the hoverboard you give them then you have won because that’s the best thing you can expect a gift to do; change someone’s life for the better.

How much do they weigh?

Before Gifting Hoverboard
How much do they weigh

It is one of the trickiest parts of giving someone a hoverboard. If they are a kid, then you don’t have to worry about this. If they are not obese, then you don’t have to worry about this.

However, if they are obese, then your gift can go very wrong. The worst thing you can do for a fat person when giving them a gift gives them something they can’t enjoy because of their weight. Your giveaway will end up making their day worse, and that’s the worst thing a gift can do.

Most hoverboards give you the weight limit they can support the specifications. If the gift recipient is not obese then you don’t have to worry – their weight will probably recommend. If they are though,

the only option that isn’t awkward is giving them something else.

Unless you can find out how much they precisely weight and then make sure that the hoverboard can support them you should drop the idea.

If you know person weigh then can go for the hoverboard. Do NOT ask them how much they consider before buying the gift – they will keep wondering why you asked, and if they weigh too much the real answer will be too awkward to give.

Where do they live?

Before Gifting Hoverboard
Where do they live

What is the point of giving a gift which the recipient can’t even use? That is why you need to be mindful of the environment of the recipient. If they live in an urban environment, then hoverboards will be perfect for them.

Hoverboards shine when it comes to flat artificial surfaces. They will be able to hover around the city without any problems.

If they live in a more rural environment, you will have problems. The cheaper hoverboards don’t do good on rough surfaces. The recipient may only be able to ride the hoverboard within their homes, which isn’t fun. There are some more expensive hoverboards which can handle rough terrains as well.

If you are giving the gift to someone, who lives in an area where they may have to traverse rough terrain you need to make sure you provide them with a hoverboard that is capable enough. Note that such a hoverboard isn’t cheap – it will be quite an expensive gift.

You also need to make sure they don’t live in an urban environment that is overpopulated. If live in a place where the sidewalks are always full, then they are not going to be able to use their gift outdoors.

You cannot use a hoverboard if you are surrounded by people unless you like stopping every few seconds to make sure you do not bump into anyone. It is not a good experience for anyone involved – neither the person on the hoverboard, not the people around them.

Do they have an active lifestyle

This one may seem odd. A hoverboard does not look like something that would require an active lifestyle to enjoy. It looks like the opposite would be true – people who don’t like being busy would appreciate the hoverboard.

However, that is now it works in reality. The reality is that the more active the lifestyle of the recipient the more they will appreciate the hoverboard. Seems counter-intuitive? Wait until you hear why this happens.

Having an active lifestyle doesn’t mean that the person is engaged physically – it also means that they have the motivation and energy to go through with their plans.

Even people who never exercise. Think about going out and getting some exercise, but they don’t have the motivation actually to do it. People who do have an active lifestyle have the motivation, and they are willing to put their plans in motion.

Gifting a hoverboard to someone who isn’t very active will not make them more active. They aren’t sluggish because they don’t have a hoverboard – they are the way they are because that is what they like.

They don’t sit at home because walking is exhausting, they sit at home all the time because they enjoy it more than being outside. If you give them a hoverboard, they will not suddenly change and start liking being outside all the time.

On the other hand, the hoverboard works excellent for people with an active lifestyle. People with an active lifestyle are always doing something or going somewhere. They are the people who will genuinely be able to appreciate hoverboards. See, if they are walking around, a lot of their energy is expended just on walking.

However, if they use a hoverboard, they have now conserved that energy and will be able to use it to do what they want. So the person was going out to play a game of basketball, the person would now be able to play a bit longer because they didn’t get winded up walking to the court.

So try to give the gift to someone who has an active lifestyle. Sure, the person may love walking and will not replace it with a hoverboard, but the person will use the hoverboard to get to their favourite spot for a walk.

Hoverboards are also fantastic for people who do have the motivation to head out but get tired quickly. Hoverboards allow them to scratch their exploration itch without winding them up.

Thus hoverboards are the perfect gift for them. Make sure they don’t have health problems. You do not want anyone who has joint issues or any similar health problems on a hoverboard. Sure, it is safer than walking, but it is better to take your precautions and avoid any mishaps.

All this stuff isn’t hard to find. Look at person social media pages and photos, and you will be able to figure out how outgoing they are. Even without social media, you can get this information from mutual friends.

UL 2272 Safety

Before Gifting Hoverboard
UL 2272 Safety

This one is very, very important. If you watch the news, you will remember that hoverboards were in the report at the end of 2016 for all the wrong reasons. Hoverboards were the hottest gift item for Christmas, and everyone wanted one. Well, once everyone had one reports started coming out that they were blowing up.

People were talking about fires started because of hoverboards and how they were dangerous.

Well, there is a straightforward reason, so many hoverboards caught fire – they weren’t safe.

See, back then people were importing hoverboards like crazy just to meet the insane demand. They bought hoverboards from companies that didn’t care about safety. The devices and their batteries did not have quality control, which resulted in the fires.

That is why you should only buy hoverboards that certified for UL 2272 safety. Now, you’re probably wondering what UL 2272 means. UL 2272 is a safety standard that has explicitly created for e-mobility devices. It is a standard designed to ensure that hoverboards, Segway, and other similar products are safe to ride for people.

If the hoverboard which you are buying made by a company that has UL 2272 certification, it means they are following the quality and safety protocols required to create a safe product.It says that this isn’t one of those cheap hoverboards that catch fire for no reason.

You may wonder – isn’t there already an existing fire safety standard? Yes, there is. The next question is obvious too – if there was already a fire safety standard, why was a special one created for hoverboards? The answer to this one is a bit more interesting.

It isn’t unique to hoverboards – there are different safety standards for all sorts of various devices. Your phones, for example, have a different safety standard, one which includes their wireless communication standards as well.

It was necessary to create a fire safety standard for hoverboards because of their unique nature. A hoverboard is a motor and a big battery. The bigger lithium batteries are, the more dangerous they can be if they not manufactured right. Lithium-ion batteries ignite when damaged and can create a massive chemical fire which shoots out of the cell.

On the other hand, laptops have been using lithium-ion batteries for ages, and you have probably never heard of laptops just burning up. The reason is that laptops use high-quality cells, and the hoverboards with UL 2272 certification also use high-quality batteries.

These are batteries which made in a proper sturdy housing, one that can keep the innards safe. Only a very hard hit or intentional destruction will result in a leak. Usual bumps during riding will not affect it at all. Thus you should gift a hoverboard made by a company that is following the UL 2272 electrical fire safety standard. Anything else is dangerous and low quality.

Do they have kids?

If you are giving as hoverboard as a gift to someone with children, you need to think about some things first. Here’s the deal – sure, you may be giving the gift to your friend, but if they have kids, then you can guarantee that the kids will end up riding the hoverboard. If you are giving it to someone with kids, it is a good idea to ask beforehand if you aren’t sure what their parental style is.

Some parents let their kids run around and be active. If you think they’re this sort of parents, then you don’t need to worry. You can give them hoverboards as a gift, and it won’t be a problem for them. However, if they are the type of parents who worry too much and don’t let their children engage in physical activities you need to pause and rethink this.

The problem isn’t that they will mind the gift or will be offended. The problem is that person will lock the hoverboard away to keep the child safe, to make sure their kids don’t use it. They will close it in a cupboard, and that’s where it will lie until it thrown out. If the recipient of your gift is one of these parents then maybe there’s something else you can get them.

The Legality of hoverboards in their area

Before Gifting Hoverboard
Legality of hoverboards

Another thing that you should make sure of is whether they live in a place where they can use the hoverboard to get around. Most sites are perfectly okay with hoverboards, but some cities do have some strange laws. Its a good idea to google the name of your town and see if there are any hoverboard related laws. You do no,t need to worry about any device which stays below 15mph.

That’s why you may have noticed that most hoverboards can only do a top speed of 15mph. Hoverboards aren’t limited to 15mph because of technology. Hoverboard could make them go way faster if they wanted to. The problem is that if a hoverboard were faster than 15mph, it would be a considered a vehicle. Then road laws will begin applying to it.

Thus most manufacturers keep the top speed below 15mph, to allow their customers to use the products without worrying about getting in any legal trouble.

Another thing you should know is that there are certain places which do not allow hoverboards to used. If the recipient of the gift is in a university or school, then it is better to find out if they can use a hoverboard in those places before gifting them one. The reason is simple; they do most of their walking inside those buildings. That is where a hoverboard would work best for them.

It would be pointless if the building doesn’t allow hoverbaords. The good thing is that this information is straightforward to find. A simple google search will bring you to the rules and regulations page of the school, and you’ll be able to see whether hoverboards are allowed on campus. The same is true for many work spaces and specific areas due to security reasons.

Hoverboard costs vary a lot

This one is for you. Before you decide to gift someone a hoverboard, you should be aware of how they priced. Do not expect hoverboards to cost the same as they did in 2016. That is when hoverboards first became popular, and they were available everywhere at a low cost.  Hoverboards charge more now than they did back then for a straightforward reason: quality.

The hoverboards available back then were of too low a quality, so it decided that only hoverboard that met specific quality standards should be allowed. We all know that you cannot increase quality without increasing the prices, which is why prices went up.

There is a lot of variance in hoverboards too – because their capabilities change. You can buy a standard hoverboard, or you can buy a powerful hoverboard. The more powerful your selected device, the more expensive it will be.

Then there are hoverboards made for particular environments. If you want to gift a hoverboard to someone who lives in a rural type of area without roads everywhere, then you need to make sure you get them a hoverboard which is capable of doing that, and so on.

If you want to spend a lot of money, you will be able to find some exquisite hoverboards to buy as well. You can get hoverboards that are a generation ahead of current hoverboards. Hoverboards which you can overpower. The choice is yours – you can get a basic hoverboard, or you can spend more. It all depends on what your budget is for the gift.

Hoverboards make great gifts

Hoverboards are a fantastic gift item. Whoever you give it to will have a great time with it. Even if they don’t use it extensively, they will get a kick out of the gift. If you are giving the hoverboard to a kid, then don’t spend too much. The more expensive hoverboards are very powerful, which helps if the person riding the hoverboard weighs a lot.

If you are buying it for a kid, you don’t have to worry about this. Get something which allows them to zoom around – no need to spend more money for more power when that power will never really used.

So just get the right hoverboard, pack it, and gift it. If you are there, you will instantly be able to see how much excitement your gift generates. If you give it at a party, you can guarantee that everyone will want to try riding it. It leads to some enjoyable times, and it is a useful gift as well. Make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether it is an excellent gift for the recipient or not.