The Cheapest Hoverboards You Can Buy Right Now

Hoverboards are costly and can cost over $1,000. Fortunately, several manufacturers create and sell cheap and affordable hoverboards. By buying a cheap hoverboard, you do not receive all the amazing features found on expensive hoverboards.

If you cannot afford an expensive hoverboard right now, you can settle for a cheap hoverboard, especially if you are new to hoverboards. Later, you can save up for an expensive brand. However, you do not have to settle for inferior quality hoverboards due to the low price. To help you make the right decision in terms of quality and price, we have complied a list of the cheapest hoverboard available on the market.

Cheap Hoverboards

1.    Eyourlife 4.5″ Hoverboard

The Eyourlife 4.5″ Hoverboard is one of the most affordable hoverboards on the market presently. In comparison to other hoverboards, this hoverboard rides on 4.5 inch wheels and can carry a weight of up to 132 pounds.

This hoverboard is suitable for small adults, teens, and children due to its size. It is also an affordable hoverboard, thus making it the ideal gift for kids. The hoverboard sports an ergonomic design, but does not have any entertainment features such as Bluetooth capability.

However, it is certified for safety, is water resistant, and has LED lights to make others aware of the rider. One of the reasons this hoverboard comes recommended for children under the age of 10 is due to its speed — 5 miles per hour with a distance of 6.2 miles.

According to the manufacturer, children 6 years and older can ride this hoverboard, especially if they want to ride a smaller hoverboard and use it as a mode of travel or for casual riding. You can buy this hoverboard either in blue or white. The charging time for this hoverboard is two to three hours.

2.    SURFUS Hoverboard

The SURFUS Hoverboard made the list even though it is expensive, but it is worth the value due to all the great features on it. The hoverboard has 6.5 inch rubber and aluminum alloy wheels, making it the ideal option for children, adults, and teenagers.

Its UL approved lithium battery features power LED indicator lights to inform you when it is time to recharge the hoverboard. In comparison to other hoverboards available, it takes around two to three hours for the hoverboard to fully charge.

You can ride the hoverboard up to 12 miles per hour on a full and single charge. The hoverboard ensures the safety of the rider, featuring back lights that blink at each turn and LED safety lights. Its ergonomic design makes it a comfortable ride, giving the riders a flawless riding experience.

The hoverboard also features non-skid footpads that minimizes falls and slips. Whether you are a novice or experienced hoverboard rider, the SURFUS Hoverboard is an excellent choice. The hoverboard is available in four incredible colors — black, white, blue, and red. Other features include water-resistant and waterproof with a carrying capacity of 220 pounds.

3.    XtremepowerUS Self Balancing Scooter

The XtremepowerUS Self Balancing Scooter is one the most affordable hoverboards on the market. This hoverboard features two 6.5 inch wheels and has UL approved lithium-ion batteries. If you want to buy a cheap hoverboard with Bluetooth capabilities, this is the hoverboard for you.

You can ride the hoverboard while listening to your favorite music. It is a good choice for teenagers. This hoverboard travels at the speed of 6 miles per hour at a distance of 7 to 9 miles. It is available in four wonderful colors, black, blue, red, and pink.

This hoverboard can handle a weight of 200 pounds, is a great choice for people 12 years and older, and takes 2 to 3 hours to fully charge. With this hoverboard, you receive a free carry case and a wall charger. It is recommended that you do not ride the hoverboard off road, but ride on the streets and sidewalks only.

4.    Hoverheart Bluetooth Speaker Hoverboard

The Hoverheart Bluetooth Speaker Hoverboard sports a stylish appearance and Bluetooth speakers. The stylistic elements of this hoverboard include three slick chrome finishes and metallic shine that makes it stand out on the roads.

This hoverboard also features LED lights located on the front and above the wheel bumpers. Standing on 6.5 inch wheels, the hoverboard goes 10 miles per hour and is available in chrome gold, red, chrome violet, and chrome pink.

You can ride the hoverboard as you enjoy listening to music, emitting from its built-in Bluetooth speakers. The UL 2272 certified for safety ride can handle a weight of 220 pounds, takes 2 to 3 hours to fully charge, and has anti-slip foot pedals to ensure a safer ride. Both children and teenagers can ride this hoverboard with ease.

5.    Eyourlife Electric Self Balancing Scooter

The Eyourlife Electric Self Balancing Scooter features LED lights to ensure safety for nighttime riding. The waterproof hoverboard glides easily on wet surfaces such as pavement and grass and even during light rain. You can ride it on gravel as well.

To further ensure the sturdiness and safety of this hoverboard, its manufacturer has put it through several drop tests and a 10 ton crunch test. These tests have ensured that the hoverboard’s body and polymer frame us shatter-resistant. In total, it holds three safety certificates. Adults, teenagers, and children can ride this hoverboard.

With this hoverboard, you all receive a one-year warranty in the event you encounter some issues with it. It can hold weight of up to 220 pounds. Available in red and black, it is supported by 6.5 inch wheels, and can travel 10 miles per hour, travel for 2 hours. Additional features include no-skid footpads, LED safety lights, and battery power off protection.

6.    Swagtron T5

The Swagtron T5 features a learning mode for beginners to help them get a hang of riding the hoverboard. This model has proven to more successful than the previous models released by the company.

It is available in two colors, black and white. You can travel at speeds of up to 7 miles per hour on a single charge. However, the ability to travel doe this long depends on the terrain. This hoverboard will not take ages to charge, as it is features a quick charging option, allowing you to charge the hoverboard within an hour.

This hoverboard weighs 18 pounds, can carry a load of 187 pounds, and has a 200-watt motor. Its lightweight design makes it easier for you to carry, is affordable than other hoverboard on the market, and has passed all tests to acquire its safety certification and comes with a one-year warranty.

7.    Skque 10″ – UL2272

The Skque 10″ – UL2272 is one of the safety hoverboards to ride. Not only is this hoverboard cheap to buy, but it also holes a UL 2272 safety certificate. This hoverboard has 10-inch wheels and is equipped with a 44000 mAh li-ion battery designed by Samsung.

It consists of two 250-watt motors, built-in Bluetooth speaker, and a remote to power up the device. The hoverboard also has LED lights and allows you to select from 10 different colors. The hoverboard weighs 29.8 pounds, can travel at a speed of 6.2 miles per hour, charges in 2 hours, can travel up to 10 to 15 miles, and can carry a load of 264 pounds.

8.    Megawheels Hoverboard

The Megawheels Hoverboard holds a UL 2272 certification and received positive reviews from buyers who have bought it. This affordable hoverboard fully charges in 3 to 4 hours, lasting for a duration of 1 to 2 hours, depending on how you use it.

It can carry a load of 264 pounds and has 6.5 inch wheels, making it an ideal hoverboard for children and teenagers to ride. Under the hood, you will find dual 350-watt motors. To ensure riders experience a safe riding experience, the manufacturer has put this hoverboard through multiple tests.

9.    Generic

The Generic hoverboard sports 6.7 inch wheels and is smart balancing electric scooter. The hoverboard has Bluetooth speakers and come  s with a handbag. You can play music from your smart phone while riding this hoverboard. It is available in red and black and can carry 265 pounds. You can travel 15 miles per hour at a distance of 10 to 15 miles. The charging time for this hoverboard is 1 to 2 hours.


10.    TL-tech 2

The TL-tech 2 is a two wheel electric hoverboard. It sports 6.7 inch wheels with a driving range of 10 to 15 miles. It is an affordable hoverboard that comes with Bluetooth speakers. And can carry a weight of 220 pounds and can travel up to speeds of 15 miles per hour. This hoverboard fully charges in 1 to 2 hours. You can purchase this hoverboard in blue, white, or orange.

11.    FitTurbo F1

The FitTurbo F1 stands on 6.7 inch wheel and can support a weight of 220 pounds. This hoverboard is available in five wonderful colors — blue, red, black, gold, and white. It fully charges in 1 to 2 hours, travels at a speed of 12 miles per hour at a driving range of 8 to 12 miles.


12.    Spadger Self Balancing Scooter

The Spadger Self Balancing Scooter is a UL certified for safety hoverboard. The hoverboard features a non-slip footpad to ensure you do not fall and gyro sensors. This hoverboard has Bluetooth wireless speakers. You can connect the speakers to your smartphone and listen to your music while you ride it.

This hoverboard can support a weight of 264 pounds and can travel 7 miles per hour. The LED lights on the hoverboard will help you see at night, especially when you are traveling on roads and streets with dim lighting. It also comes with a remote control.

13.    LEVIT8ION Ion 6.5″ Hoverboard

The LEVIT8ION Ion 6.5″ Hoverboard has 6.5 inch elastic wheels, can travel 8 miles per hour, and has a riding range of 5 to 12 miles. Like all the other hoverboards on this list, this hoverboard also carries a UL certificate for safety. Its battery is flame resistant, meaning it will not explode.

The hoverboard consists of 200-watt double engines and can easily climb slant areas and travel in narrow and limited spaces with ease. To allow the rider to see clearly on dark roads and streets, this hoverboard features LED lights. You can listen to music while you ride by pairing your smartphone to its Bluetooth speakers. To maximize stability, it features a non-slip footpad.

14.    ORKAN Hoverboard Certified Electric Self Balancing

The ORKAN Hoverboard Certified Electric Self Balancing boasts a stylish and sophisticated design. Featuring a standby mode, this hoverboard safes battery power by automatically turning off when not in use after a few minutes. Equipped with lithium batteries, you can travel 12 miles at a speed of 6 miles per hour.

This hoverboard is a safe choice for riders due to its ability to adjust to both high and low temperature, thanks to its metal patch induction pedal. The LED lights on the hoverboard give you the ability to ride safely on the roads and streets at night. The LED lights also enable other motorists on the road to see you clearly.



15.    Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter


The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter can travel at a speed of 8 miles per hour and has a carrying capacity of 220 pounds. The UL 2272 certified for safety hoverboard has a 350-watt engine with a 36V lithium-ion battery pack, allowing you travel great distances on a single charge.

For additional safety of the rider, this hoverboard features LED lights that emit a cool blue color, a LED battery pack, and bumper guards. It also gives you two riding modes. You can choose from either training or normal mode.

16.    SAVA X1L- UL Certified 2272 Self Balancing Scooter

The SAVA X1L- UL Certified 2272 Self Balancing Scooter is a family-friendly hoverboard. You can travel 7.45 miles per hour at a riding range of 12 miles. This hoverboard offers load capacity of 264 pounds.

Equipped with Bluetooth speakers, you can connect your smartphone to the hoverboard to listen to music. To ensure a smooth and flawless ride on different types of surfaces, it features gyro sensors. The hoverboard, built with a chassis and durable shell, will last for several years. You can safely take your hoverboard out for a ride at night, thanks to its brilliant and bright LED lights. It also comes with a one year warranty.


17.    VEEKO Hoverboard Two-wheel Self-balancing

The VEEKO Hoverboard Two-wheel Self-balancing holds a UL 2272 certificate for safety. On this hoverboard, you can travel at a speed of 9.6 miles per hour at a distance of 6 to 9 miles. With a carrying capacity of 225 pounds, the hoverboard has a 350-watt engine.

The simple, yet elegant design of the hoverboard with an exquisite matte finish makes the hoverboard stand out. This hoverboard stands on aluminum alloy wheels and has blue LED lights to help you see at night and help others spot you at night. Other features of this hoverboard include its servo control framework, gyroscope, and acceleration sensor. It also comes with a one year manufacturer warranty.

18.    Koo UL2272 Certified Smart Self Balancing

The Koo UL2272 Certified Smart Self Balancing is a mini scooter with a carrying capacity of 220 pounds. You can travel at a speed of 6 miles per hour. The UL 2272 certified hoverboard is one of the smallest and lightest on the market. You can ride the hoverboard at a 15 degree angle. It requires charging for 1 to 2 hours at a tome. You will know when it is running out of battery when it begins to slow down and eventually come to a stop. With the hoverboard, you will receive a power adaptor, instruction manual, and one self balancing wheels.



19.    HoverboardX HBX-2 Hoverboard UL2272 Certified

The HoverboardX HBX-2 Hoverboard UL2272 Certified is great for children 8 years and older. It can support a weight of 220 pounds and can travel 7 miles per hour. The hoverboard contains a 36V lithium-Ion battery that takes 2 hours to fully charge.

The battery along with the hoverboard are built to last you several years, as the material used to construct it is aluminum alloy, which is quite durable and sturdy. You can listen to music while riding the hoverboard by pairing your smartphone to the hoverboard’s Bluetooth system.

20.    SagaPlay F1 Self Balancing Scooter Motorized

The SagaPlay F1 Self Balancing Scooter Motorized is certified for UL 2272 for safety and is equipped with a LG Smart Battery. The manufacturer has put their hoverboard and battery through multiple tests to ensure the hoverboard does not catch on fire. Equipped with a 250-watt dual motors, you can climb up slant areas up to 15 degrees.

You can travel at a distance of 9 miles on a single charge that takes 1 hour. Other features included on the hoverboard is a LED battery indicator, anti-slip foot pedals, and powerful and durable elastic wheels that allow you to travel on all types of surfaces and terrains.

The hoverboard is waterproof. You can ride the hoverboard on wet dirt and grass. It has a carrying capacity of 220 pounds and to get a full charge, it requires 2 hours. This hoverboard provides you with maximum stability, allowing you to spin and go reverse and forward without difficulty. With it, you also receive a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Should You Buy Cheap Hoverboards? Are They Safe to Buy?

The popularity of hoverboards have given us combustible hoverboards. Chinese manufacturers have designed unsafe hoverboards with malfunctioning batteries that explode and cause a fire. In some instances, a faulty hoverboard has burned down a house when it caught on fire.

If you want to purchase a hoverboard, do not buy one from a Chinese manufacturer, not that all Chinese manufactures sell knockoff hoverboards. If you are ordering a hoverboard from Amazon, you do not have to worry about buying a knockoff, as the online store has banned all sellers selling knockoffs.

Is Buying a Cheap Hoverboard Safe?

Of course, it is. As long as you buy a cheap hoverboard from a reputable seller, it is safe. However, you need to know the difference between good, affordable, and just plain cheap hoverboards. When you are ordering a hoverboard, do not make it your top priority to save $10 or buy from Craigslist, as sellers on that platform do not offer a warranty. No warranty usually means poor quality.

The hoverboards you come across on Amazon might be cheaper to purchase, but at least they are safe to buy. The motherboards and the batteries installed in the hoverboard are products of reputable companies. If you are searching for a hoverboard, you need to buy one from our list, as they are cheap, but not so cheap that you would question its safety and quality.

5 Reasons Why the Cheapest Hoverboard is Not Always the Best Buy

  • The cheapest hoverboards are not UL 2272 certified, meaning the chances of them catching on fire are high
  • They are made from cheap and low quality materials, meaning the chances of them breaking are high
  • They do not come with a manufacturer’s warranty, meaning the chances it them malfunctioning are high
  • The cheapest hoverboards are made from cheap parts and malfunctioning parts, meaning they will do the opposite of what was promised
  • The cheapest hoverboards indicate there is something wrong with them, meaning there is a solid reason why the manufacturer is selling it for so cheap (are they trying to get rid of their product or are they leaving out an important detail?)

Hoverboards typically sell for around $250 and $500. Hoverboards that cost less than that is a sign of an inferior product whereas hoverboards selling more than the usual price is due to the hoverboard having several different features.